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Jacki Beem
Jacki BeemCEO/Platinum Coach
Katrina Johnson
Katrina JohnsonIntuitive Coach
Claudia Alvarez
Claudia AlvarezIntuitive Coach

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If you’re looking to clear energy blocks and create a new reality, you’re in the right place! Whether you’re in a complete state of suffering and wondering why nothing is working, or you’re crushing it in every area of your life but seem to be hitting a ceiling every time you try to take it to the next level, it all boils down to this:

You don’t always get what you want. You get what you are an energetic match for. Always.

Even those of us who had an amazing childhood can get stuck because of programming and energies we unknowingly took on at some point.

After conducting thousands of private sessions with individuals all over the world, we have seen that there is ALWAYS an energetic root to what a human being is experiencing in their life. Without exception, when something is happening in your world that feels incongruent with who you are (or where you want to go), it is undoubtedly because your energy is aligned (in some way) with what you are experiencing. Throughout our lives, we take on thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and patterns about how life works, and these come together to create our everyday reality. This can get tricky (read: frustrating) when your outside circumstances are matching up to the unconscious energetic programs and patterns that you don’t even know you have.

You’ve already set your goals and visions. You’re already taking action to get where you want to be. All you need to do now is match your energy to that future version of yourself who is already there. To do that, you’ve got to break down your energetic patterns, clear the suppressed emotions that block your energy field, and release the unconscious conclusions and beliefs that are matching you up to a life that no longer serves you.

This is where we can help! Hundreds of clients have upgraded their energy with Hi-Watt Living tools, clearings, and private sessions, and we are confident that we can help you significantly upgrade your energy as well!

Where do you begin?

  • Our Energy Upgrade Audio Toolkit will help you to fully understand how your energy works, get to the root of your blocks and clear them away (on your own), and show you how to pull in a new reality successfully. This is the best place to start!

  • Our Hi-Watt Live event is our annual live conference where our clients and students fly in from all over the world to clear the 6 most common blocks that hold people back. Due to gathering restrictions, we conducted this event on zoom recently, so it is now available as a self-paced video course! Wherever you’re at with your clearing journey, you will clear a LOT of blockage with this signature course. *We highly recommend this video course if you need to manifest quickly 🙂

  • Our Audio Clearing Bundles will help you get straight to the root of your biggest blocks around money, abundance, love, intuition, business, and your fears of growth, rejection, and success… and then demolish them for good right there in each audio session. We also offer smaller audio bundles (like the Client Attraction Bundle or the single audio Debt Clearing) at easy low prices for those of you who need those resources right away.

  • Our Hi-Watt Living Courses are available for those of you who are new (or life long) students of Reality Creation, the Universe, Vibrations (and how these concepts apply to building businesses, creating love, and activating intuition). These courses will teach you how energy works, how to clear blocks on your own, how to understand (and activate) the Laws of the Universe, how to build a business that is aligned with your own energy, and more.

  • Our team of highly skilled and gifted Intuitive Coaches will look into your energy field and psychically see (and clear!) the hidden blocks that have been keeping you stuck.

  • Our Intuition Mastery & Coach Training program will activate your intuition to a level you never thought was possible and show you how to move and clear energy blocks for yourself and other people.

  • Our Platinum Coaching Package is available to those of you who are playing a big game in life, are constantly pushing your edges, and want to consistently clear blocks and energetic ceilings through private sessions and retreats with Jacki in order to keep growing and upgrading significantly all year long.

Wherever you are at in your life, these tools can help to upgrade your energy significantly!

What Our Clients Say

“The Energy Upgrade Audio Program took me from completely broke and heartbroken from my divorce, to now having money saved and being happier and more free than I’ve EVER been.”

Cindy Dabbous, Florist & Singer

In the three short years that I have been working with Jacki, my life has completely changed for the better. I got my dream job, and got promoted… and I’ve increased my salary by almost 60%. On top of all that… I am now living a life of purpose, and I couldn’t be more grateful to Jacki for helping me find that in my life.

Jade Ku Sonkin, Creator of L'Oreal Beauty of Mindfulness Initiative

“Thank you Jacki for the tools and support to helping us build a business that makes an impact on this planet! I checked off a business bucket list item and presented on the TEDX stage!”

Melanie Levenberg, TEDx Speaker & Founder of DANCEPL3Y

“After a session… the very next day (or within the week) some big opportunity comes that I didn’t see… or a client calls who is in the price point I had been trying to go after. It’s pretty cool how things just end up showing up.

Heidi Murray, Homes from Heidi

“Her coaching will actually change your life! Shifting from the person you were to the person you want to be is so liberating and honestly priceless. With her help of overcoming my fears and blocks, I have been able to launch two businesses, repair tough family relationships, and find my voice. I am forever grateful for Jacki and her powerful life-changing program.”

Jaclyn D., Owner & Designer at Clover & Cobbler

“I have been working with Jacki for over three years and my life just keeps getting better and better! All the dreams I ever wanted for myself have come true. I now am creating new dreams I never thought were possible. Through working together, I found the love of my life and true partner, my income has quadrupled, and my business is reflecting and living my life’s purpose.”

Cynthia Goerig, Founder of Legacy Life Consulting

“Jacki is an amazing, grounded energy healer. She’s helped me improve my love relationship (healing some old wounds around being able to receive), and she’s improved my business by 30% by helping me increase the amount of abundance I can hold. I’ve done a lot of trainings with a lot of different teachers and healers… Jacki is the real deal.”

Amber Vinson, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

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