Gather your team, colleagues, friends, clients, partner (or just yourself) for a small group clearing with Jacki on Zoom! 

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Have you ever wanted Jacki to host a small group clearing meeting with just you and your group of friends, clients, co-workers, or partner? Whether it is to work through a group dynamic, move into a new vibration to achieve a common goal, or simply split the cost of a private session… small group work with Jacki is temporarily available.

In a small group Zoom clearing, you and your group members will briefly discuss the reality you’d like to move into as a result of the clearing, and Jacki will (1) look into the energy of the group to clear the common blocks and patterns that are present, and (2) scan each individual, and clear some of their unique energy blocks. The time spent clearing each individual will depend on how many people are present.

  • 1-6 people – In this intimate setting, each participant who wants Jacki to clear their unique blocks will have a few minutes each.

  • 7-15 people – In this setting, each participant who wants Jacki to clear their unique blocks will have about 1-2 minutes of individual clearing.

  • 16-30 people – In larger groups of this size, each individual will have a quick individual clearing of 1-2 blocks.

  • 31+ people – If you are hosting a group clearing for a large group (such as your employees, community club, client base, email list), the clearing webinar will focus on common blocks detected within the group (and will feel like one of Jacki’s standard group clearing events) without individual attention for everyone present. In groups like this, it is helpful for the group leader/boss to set an intention or end goal that we can all move into energetically by the end of the session. This pulls up all the right blocks 🙂

Regular Price: $999

For the first 5 groups in 2024:


I’m in!

Sure!  Your 60 minute zoom meeting will be like a private session, so be ready to chat and feel some emotions (with all eyes on you) to help me move the energy.

Yes, while we will not be recording or saving the webinar on our end, we can make someone in your group a host, and they may record the meeting on their computer.

60 minutes

(This is 15 minutes longer than our usual private sessions with clients).

Once you purchase your small group clearing meeting at the link above, our team will reach out to you to schedule a date and time that works for everyone attending. If you’d like to reach out to us before making the purchase to see if your preferred date works for us, please reach out to

We prefer that you schedule the zoom meeting within 3 months of your purchase.