2023 Money Clearings

Become a vibrational match for money in 3 weeks!

“Money is usually attracted, not pursued”
– Jim Rohn

Mondays & Tuesdays * 12:00pm Pacific

1: Clearing Money Guilt
2: Activating Money Love
3: Clearing Money Grief
4: Activating Money Joy
5: Clearing Money Fear
6: Activating Money Peace

Bonus Meditation:

Generating Business Joy In this 11:11 minute meditation from Hi-Watt Business School, you will breathe your way into the energies of love, joy, and peace that are already present within the work you do. When you activate these energies, bring your awareness to them, and amplify them out into the world, you become a high vibrational magnet for creating miracles with money. This is a daily MUST for anyone who wants money to be easy!

Bonus Audio Clearings:
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Clearing Money Shame (video): Shame is the lowest vibration on the scale of consciousness. This is weighing down your overall field of energy more than any other vibrations, blocks, and patterns! When you clear your money shame (and fill that space in with money love) you get the biggest upgrade for your buck!
Clearing Anger Toward Money (audio): If the Universe is receiving a signal that you are angry or hateful toward money, it will continue to align your reality with more to be angry about in your financial life. This anger must be released in order to experience a shift. In this module, you will clear away everything in the way of holding a frequency that communicates to the Universe that you LOVE money $$$.

Full Price: $600

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