Money Clearings & Activations

“Money is usually attracted, not pursued”
– Jim Rohn

In this video series, you will…

(1) Release your low frequency money energy;
(2) Fill in with high frequency money energy;
(3) Watch money (and the world around you) respond to your new vibration!


Guilt is an energetic state where we experience conflict at having done something that we believe we should not have done (or conversely, having not done something we believe we should have done). This energy does not go away easily and can be difficult to endure… unless you know how to clear it! When it comes to money, guilt can block the flow of money energy because you are signaling to the Universe, “I shouldn’t have it” or “It’s wrong for me to have it” or “I feel bad for having it.” Once we detect and release the low frequency guilt in your field of energy, the Universe will no longer feel any conflict from you… and money will be able to flow toward you with ease.

The vibration of love calibrates at 500 on the Scale of Consciousness (see video to the left). This is the vibration where we leave the linear world of logic (499 and below), and enter the spiritual realm. Here, you no longer need to know HOW something is going to happen in order to make it happen. When you move into this frequency, you no longer need formulas to make money.

The energy of GRIEF vibrates at 75. This is the vibrational level of people who have accepted failure as a part of their lifestyle. They see sadness in every aspect of money, and because they are vibrating at this level, they continue to attract more of the same. They are constantly creating more to be sad about through the law of attraction. When it comes to money, this energy has to be cleared. There’s no need to live this way. Once we pinpoint and release your old experiences and imprints with money grief, you can begin to move into more success and joy when it comes to your financial life.

The vibration of JOY calibrates at 540 on the Scale of Consciousness, which is the level where healing takes place. This is the vibration where everything happens effortlessly, and miracles become commonplace. I can tell you countless stories of manifesting some of the biggest wins of my life (without effort!) when I learned how to reach peak states of Joy in a sustained way. In this activation, I will show you how to reach this state in your body, in your bank account, and in your career!

The energy of FEAR vibrates at a level of 100. When our money energy calibrates at this vibration, there is an endless supply of things, people, and events to be fearful of (and we will create a financial reality that proves our fears to be validated). In this clearing, we will get to the root of where you learned to be afraid of money, lack, and specific financial situations. Once, these energies are pinpointed and released, you’ll create a space within yourself to move into pure money PEACE!

We will end our money journey by activating the vibration of money PEACE, which marks a state of bliss. At this vibration, the distinction between you and everything outside of you disappears and you experience the connectedness of everything. You start to realize that you’ve never actually been separate from money, the people who will pay you, and the ideas that will make you profitable. What would your life look like (and how would you feel every day) if money was the most peaceful aspect of your life? Think of how much this will inspire peace in every other area of your life! When there’s peace with money, everything gets easier.

Bonus Clearings:

Clearing Money Shame (video): Shame is the lowest vibration on the scale of consciousness. This is weighing down your overall field of energy more than any other vibrations, blocks, and patterns! When you clear your money shame (and fill that space in with money love) you get the biggest upgrade for your buck!
Clearing Anger Toward Money (audio): If the Universe is receiving a signal that you are angry or hateful toward money, it will continue to align your reality with more to be angry about in your financial life. This anger must be released in order to experience a shift. In this module, you will clear away everything in the way of holding a frequency that communicates to the Universe that you LOVE money $$$.

Bonus Meditation:

Generating Business Joy In this 11:11 minute meditation from Hi-Watt Business School, you will breathe your way into the energies of love, joy, and peace that are already present within the work you do. When you activate these energies, bring your awareness to them, and amplify them out into the world, you become a high vibrational magnet for creating miracles with money. This is a daily MUST for anyone who wants money to be easy!
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