In this clearing, you will focus on a family member with whom you have some tension, cords, unresolved issues, or difficulties with, and you will release the energy that derails you from having a peaceful connection. Whether this energy is lingering in your field because of unprocessed emotions from the past, beliefs and conclusions you have made over the years, or judgments between the two of you, this clearing will assist you with dissolving that energy so you can create a happy and easy connection with one another. Be sure to have a paper and pen handy, this one will include some digging/journaling!

As you are on a path of clearing your blocks and increasing your vibration, you’ve probably noticed that a HUGE portion of your beliefs and emotions are traced back to mom in some way. The main reason is: From the ages of 0-7, we’re taking in everything around us as we learn how to be human. Our brain waves are in a theta state during this time, so everything around you is absorbed into your brain and your energy field. Since you were (most likely) around your mother the most during this time, her energy was highly influential to your own.

Another reason why our mother has so much influence over the blueprint of our energy field, is: we started taking on beliefs from her before we were even born! Even though we didn’t have language back then, we received information through energy (emotion). So if your mom was having strong feelings (that weren’t loving) about anything, you as an unborn baby very likely imprinted those energies and took on feelings that could be blocking you to this day. And then you likely continued to absorb the energy of her beliefs when you were a baby, and then a child.

In this clearing, you will be guided into an energetic state where you can see and feel the energies that you imprinted, and you will clear them so you can choose your own model of reality moving forward.

In this audio clearing, you will clear out some of the programming that you picked up from your father (as well as the programming that you took on as a response to having the father you had). In doing so, you will re-program the way you’re showing up in the world, the way men are showing up for you, and the speed at which your manifesting can happen. In our first segment, you will dive into some of the IDENTITIES you have taken on because of how your father figure has viewed you, and you’ll clear everywhere dad’s perception of you has shaped who you think you are. After that, you will take a careful look at how your father showed up for you emotionally (and we’ll clear everywhere you are (a) attracting this from other people in your life now, and (b) embodying too much of this emotion yourself). Finally, you will clear out all of the subconscious energy that links your relationship with your father to your relationship with God/Source Energy/The Universe. The relationship with our father plays a HUGE role in how loved and supported we feel from our higher power source of energy, so when we clear out any of the places where dad didn’t show up, wasn’t supportive, or where we feared punishment from him… we actually restore our connection with the Universe, which allows us to have faith in our ability to create our reality, which in turn helps us to manifest MUCH faster.

In this clearing, you will learn how energy cords are formed, and you will be guided through the process of identifying and clearing any active energy cords between yourself and other people.

By definition, an identity is who you are. You can tell what your perceived identities are by filling in the blank after saying the words “I AM _____”. Any descriptions of yourself that follow these two words are often identity level beliefs, and these beliefs will shape what you believe is possible for yourself. Whether your identity is based on your gender, race, religion, size, family status, skills, profession, peer circle or anything else, every identity has the capacity put you into a box and limit possibilities (whether it’s a wide, expanded box, or a contracted closed one) because it blocks out your ability to resonate with anything that lies outside of the identity.

In this clearing audio, we will get out of these limitations by diving into a few of the identities that are blocking out possibilities, holding patterns in place, and attracting certain situations and outcomes. After clearing this energy, you will replace each limiting identity with a new identity that will pull in the life that you want.

Let’s face it: it can be challenging to create amazing friendships as an adult. While children are often thrown into situations where aligned friendships can naturally blossom, we adults have some challenges: we have walls up, we are judgmental of who we will like and who will hurt us, or annoy us, or use us. We have the outside pressures of life to take care of, so there is less time. For many of us, being around our peers isn’t naturally built in to our schedule, so we have to go to greater lengths to be around people in general. So with all of this junk we’re bringing in from the past, and all of the stories we tell ourselves about why adult friendships are a little bit harder, it’s easy to get caught in a reality where friendships are difficult – and once we identify some of the energies we are carrying around, we can step back into our power, and create the reality we want with our friendships… one where there’s freedom, love, independence, bonding, trust, sharing, lots of joy and laughter, and whatever else you are looking for. 


First, (1) we’ll look at some of the underlying protection you’re carrying, some energy you took on when past friends or friendships posed a threat. (2) Then, we’ll get clear on exactly what you’re looking for in your friendships, and we’ll see why they may not be as fulfilling as you’d like them to be. (3) And after all of this junk clears, we’ll fill back in with the high frequency energy that you’ll use to attract and create amazing, fulfilling friendships with your current friends… and also the soul family that you want to call in to your life. 

Any time we are working with energy and activating our intuition, we must be careful not to take on responsibility for the life and livelihood of others. In this clearing, you will patch up anywhere you are leaking your own energy to another person (or other people), and clear the programming that has you believing that this co-dependency is a pre-requisite to being loved (or enough).

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