Abundance Upgrade Sessions

In this 12-audio energy clearing series, you will get to the root of your heaviest financial and professional blocks and clear them for good so you can join the hundreds of Energy Upgraders who have opened up possibilities and manifested new and unexpected wealth opportunities!

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Anxiety & Depression Bundle

If you need to release the energies that build up in your field of energy and lead to Anxiety and/or Depression, this efficient bundle will relieve your shame, anger, and fear right away.

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Body Upgrade Sessions

As human beings, we need to eat healthy and move our bodies. But what stops us from having fun with these healthy habits? It’s our rules and agreements about food. It’s the emotional eating patterns that have been wired in since childhood. It’s the energy we have stored around “control and discipline” and the stories we have about why being healthy is so hard. Clear these energies and more in the Body Upgrade Sessions!

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Client Attraction Bundle

If you need clients NOW, this low-cost (and effective) bundle includes meditations, clearings, and activations that will help you to magnetize your aligned buyers quickly.

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Debt Audio Clearing:

A recording of our most recent group clearing on DEBT is available for purchase (only $33!). In this 1-hour clearing audio, you will identify and demolish some of the energy holding debt in place.

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Intuition Clearings

As an energetic being, we all have an innate ability to tap into every bit information and energy that is available on this planet (and beyond). However, throughout our human lifetime, most of us accumulate programming and blocks that can prevent us from being able to easily see/feel/hear/know some of this information quickly and accurately. When we hold these blocks, our intuitive signal can get cloudy, and information gets distorted (or even blocked) on its way into our conscious awareness. In this audio clearing series, you will identify and clear some of the dense energy and programming that you are holding that has been blocking (or inhibiting) your clear intuition.

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Love Upgrade Sessions

This audio clearing bundle includes 8 powerful clearings, and our 20 minute Love Upgrade Meditation (which has assisted many of our own coaches and clients to pull in new love or create a shift in an existing relationship).

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Activation Sessions

This program is a series of four (4) Activation audio modules designed to help you find, activate, and amplify your dormant frequencies of love, success, abundance, purpose, and more! You know these vibrations from somewhere in your life, and these audios will help you to find and activate them for you so you can use them to create your reality. In addition to the 4 Activation Audios, you will receive two bonus meditations: (1) a 40-minute Dream Programming audio that will help you get into the vibration of a fulfilled wish as you fall asleep, and (2) an Extended 40-minute Client Attraction Meditation that will help you to align your energy with your ideal clients.

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