Jacki Beem

Jacki Beem is the founder of Hi-Watt Living, and facilitator of our Platinum Coaching Program. A former attorney, Jacki was getting burned out and losing passion in her legal career, and got aligned with her true desires and intuitive talents through working with her energy using the same tools she now teaches her clients. Today, Jacki is known around the world for her ability to clearly see into people’s field of energy, determine their subconscious blocks and patterns, and clear them for good. Her private sessions, live events, and home study programs have helped hundreds of people to live their best life, pull in soul-aligned partnerships, and create high paying, fulfilling careers without having to force anything or become someone they’re not. Jacki works closely with leaders all over the world who are doing (or want to do) the work in the world that lights them up.

Her client list includes high performers in all areas of business, 6 and 7-figure CEO’s, fashion designers, marketing gurus, personal growth leaders, real estate professionals, Hollywood actors and actresses, famous musicians, professional athletes and coaches, and film & television producers. These clients are running businesses, leading people, creating programs and projects, pushing humanity forward, and doing it in ways that allow their lives to have joy, freedom, love, and passion at the same time. Jacki is also highly sought after by professionals who are burned out, have lost their passion, and need to clear the blocks in the way of figuring out what their higher purpose is. Jacki’s clients have rapid transformations and upgrades in their life because she is able to cut through the junk, get straight to the source of any blocks, and clear the energy faster and more permanently than most healing modalities out there allow for.

Every year, Jacki works privately with a select group of clients through her Platinum Package, which allows individuals to receive enough private sessions and experiences to upgrade their energy significantly!

Check out the information and FAQ’s at the bottom of this page, and contact us to apply for a spot.


“Anyone working in the healing arts and really anyone that wants to take their reality creation to another level needs to know about Jacki”

I work as a medical intuitive, healer, coach and educator. I run a company that is on the leading edge of reality creation and quantum healing and we serve thousands of people across the world. It is my belief that it is essential to do this work with total integrity, clarity and authenticity. Making my own inner work a top priority allows me to bring my best self to everything that I do. Having the best support system in place is vital for me personally, and for the success of my business. Finding Jacki literally made my heart sing. I love her technique for clearing stuck emotions. It is one of the easiest and yet the most effective I have experienced. And she knows how to get to the root immediately. Each time I work with her I see results in my reality almost instantly. And working with her is so much fun! I love that what feels like gabbing with a close girlfriend is also creating more joy, more opportunities and more abundance in my life.

Michelle Giliberto, CEO of Healers Who Share

“I Have Been Able to Launch Three Businesses, Repair Tough Family Relationships, and Find My Voice”

“I’ve been working with Jacki for a year and a half now, but the amount of positive change in my life feels like it would have taken at least 5 years had I not been working with Jacki – using the slow way of trial and error, making mistakes, and figuring it out the hard way. Her coaching will actually change your life! Shifting from the person you were to the person you want to be is so liberating and honestly priceless. To have someone who can help you achieve your goals and reach your dreams by teaching you the tools you need to get there is really amazing. Jacki is at the top of my “gratitude list” because, honestly, where would I be without her?? I can’t imagine being back in my old life, feeling stuck and not reaching my potential. She is truly an amazing person, with amazing healing talents, and ability to bring the best out in everyone she reaches. With her help of overcoming my fears and blocks, I have been able to launch three businesses, repair tough family relationships, and find my voice. I am forever grateful for Jacki and her powerful life-changing program.”

J.D., founder and designer at Jaclyn Jones USA

“I have found the love of my life… my income has quadrupled”

“I have been working with Jacki for over three years and my life just keeps getting better and better! All the dreams I ever wanted for myself have come true. I now am creating new dreams I never thought were possible. Through working together, I found the love of my life and true partner, my income has quadrupled, and my business is reflecting and living my life’s purpose. The greatest gift I receive in with working with Jacki is; I know that TRULY anything is possible. If I use her processes and commit to the work, I can manifest anything I want. Her greatest strength is her integrity, she walks her talk and inspires us to continue to thrive. I have worked with many teachers and healers and Jacki is a clean vessel; her interest is in my highest good and she sets aside her ego and any personal agenda.  I live a joyous affluent life! Thank you, Jacki!”

Cynthia G., Legacy Life Consulting

“I’ve Increased My Salary By Almost 60% (and) I Am Now Living a Life of Purpose”

“When I started working with Jacki, I was really down. I was in a job that was killing me, I was having panic attacks. My friends and family did not recognize the person that I had become. Working with Jacki is an incredible experience. She has helped me get super clear about what I want in life and has given me the tools to identify the patterns and beliefs that are blocking me from achieving those goals. The program tools that she provides are so supportive. And Jacki’s retreats are absolutely transformative. They are one of those experiences where you completely let go and release, and find a self love to build yourself up that much stronger. In the three short years that I have been working with Jacki, my life has completely changed for the better. I quit my job. I moved across country and married my best friend… I got my dream job, and got promoted… and I’ve increased my salary by almost 60%. On top of all that, and probably most important to me is that I am now living a life of purpose, and I couldn’t be more grateful to Jacki for helping me find that in my life.”

Jade Ku, Founder of L’Oreal New York’s “Beauty of Mindfulness” Program

“We Adore Jacki’s No-Nonsense, Down-to-Earth Approach to Energy Work”
“Working with Jacki has been a pivotal element of our relationship. Her coaching helps us to stay in our best energy as we work together to build a healthy and balanced relationship, a supportive and loving family, as well as thriving and impactful businesses.  As individuals, we get clarity about our unique journeys and what we need to focus on to overcome limiting patterns. As a couple, the weekend retreats are the best ‘gift’ we can give ourselves, because the immersion experience takes the 1:1 coaching she does with us to the next level in group sessions. We appreciate the purposeful activities that Jacki facilitates during the retreats to help move energies and clear blocks that we may or may not know about. Oh yeah, and we adore Jacki’s no-nonsense,  down-to-earth approach to energy work. She’ll talk vibrations and vortexes, have you breathing and clearing blocks…then crank up Kanye at her event to keep things real.”
Justine & Melanie Levenberg, Owner of Sportball Vancouver & Founder of DancePl3y

“It’s Hard to Even Remember What I Used to Believe”

“Jacki appeared with her powerful gifts in the perfect timing to help me learn how to feel, breathe into and release the stuck energy that was holding me back. With her help I disentangled myself from beliefs about myself, my relationships with friends and family, and about my work so thoroughly that it’s hard to even remember what I used to believe! Since working with Jacki I have fully stepped into my own abilities as a spiritual healer and the founder of Wisdom Soup, an app for people who want to develop their spiritual gifts.”
Anne Tucker, Founder of Wisdom Soup

“My Income Has Doubled Since Working with Jacki”

“Jacki and I have been working together for three years, and she truly is the conduit that has taught me what my best life looks like.  You can’t imagine the amount of weight that has been lifted off of me.  I had so much guilt, shame, anger and sadness around events that have happened in my life. It’s like 15 years of heartache has released! My income has doubled since working with Jacki and I now own a rental property and a primary residence. I’ve learned to stand up for myself, and to see myself as a strong, capable, confident and beautiful woman. I have tried multiple types of modalities, but Jacki’s approach truly gets to the root of the stories I’ve told myself quicker than any other healer I’ve worked with. Jacki’s help with my broken relationship with my mom has brought so much love, grace and beauty into our worlds, and we are more than reconnected!  Also, she has helped me bring forth the TRIBE that will continue to support me on this journey and be there with me along the way!

I’m so grateful for Jacki.  She has helped me create abundance in all areas of my life and in such a loving, non-judgmental way. She is a blessing because she cares so deeply about her passion.  She is in her power, being her true self.  She will make a huge impact on so many lives…including mine.  She inspires me to be BOLD. To be BRAVE. To be LOVE. To be MONEY. To be JOY. To be ME!

Katrina Johnson, Employee Benefits Insurance Broker at MCM

“My Income Has Increased a Total of Over 80 Percent”

“Working with Jacki has been an absolute game changer.  When I look back to where I’ve come from since working with her I am truly in complete awe of where I am today.  I have created a real estate business that I didn’t know was even possible prior to clearing the blocks in the way of achieving it.  I have manifested a love that is out of this world that I never would have expected that lights me up inside and teaches me more and more about true love and growth every day. Not to mention my income has increased a total of over 80% since I started working with her in 2012.  My life is on a trajectory that I honestly never thought could be real, and I know it’s from working with Jacki.  Can’t wait to see what the future holds.”
Heidi Murray, Real Estate Broker

“I’m Leaner, Stronger, Happier, and More Confident than Ever!”

“I originally reached out to Jacki because I was feeling stuck in my online coaching business. I couldn’t figure out why I was having such a hard time finding clients and making the amount of money that I desired. Since working with Jacki I’ve experienced massive shifts in my business which included selling out my one-on-one coaching practice AND successfully launching multiple group coaching programs. The best part is, it didn’t stop there… Several other areas of my life have completely transformed including my marriage and my health – I’ve lost 10 pounds, I’m leaner, stronger, happier and more confident than ever!”
Dani Kenney, Realtor, Speaker, Coach

“I Have Seen Changes… at a Pace I Have Not Seen Before”

“I stumbled on the road of self-refection years ago. With Jacki, I have seen changes in my patterns and results at a pace that I have not seen before. The word I use is profound. Jacki has a way of identifying the root of the pattern, and if you are willing, she will help you release it permanently. My life has seen changes since I began, working with her. At first dreams I was afraid to admit I had are coming true.. Ceilings of expectation have been raised. And a whole new level of joy and peace have been experienced.
Cathy Colburn, Co-Founder of Jovia Wellness Center
“Her work will literally change your life… whether it’s career, love, family, things you want to manifest… she can clear whatever is in your way of getting that”
“My life has changed since I started working with Jacki in unexplainable ways. I am absolutely a completely different person. There are parts of me that are still the same, but the way I show up in the world is dramatically different. Since I started working with her, I quit my job, started my own business, I’m dating, my friendships are awesome, I’m making money… it’s amazing. Every area of my life has seen improvement, and I’m taking people with me, which is important. I always feel so lit up and excited (after a session). Her work will literally change your life in whatever way that you want, and however that looks for you. Whether it’s career, love, family, things you want to manifest… she can clear whatever is in your way of getting that. And you may not even know what is in your way, and that is the most important piece. It’s amazing. All of a sudden (during a session), it has been an hour, and you’ve just changed your life.”
Danielle Madden, The Entrepreneur’s CFO
“I was in a Creative Stand-Still. Jacki saw right into the core of my issues.”
“I have been working with Jacki for years, and the amount of creative/energy blocks she has lifted is just mind-blowing. Even in the first session, and every session since, I am often brought to tears (the good, liberating kind) with what she sees.  There were physical manifestations of my blocks that I wasn’t aware were hindering me, but I felt the effects of them, and they came out as anxiety, thyroid problems, PCOS, depression and I was in a creative stand-still. Jacki saw right into the core of my issues (false beliefs I’d held from lifelong interactions, loss and even my greatest successes) and guided me through to a new level. She made it possible for me to break free from those and liberate my thinking and exist in my highest creative self. I had been focusing so much on healing my body and staying healthy that when I started working with her, the deep-rooted issues and long-held beliefs about who I was as a person, a woman, an artist, a performer – all of those self-views had to be broken down so that my inner truth could be free to exist in the light. I am forever indebted to her for the truths she’s mined in my soul and self-worth, and I always recommend her first to anyone I meet who has any desire to know and love themselves, create and see dreams manifest in real time.   Open your heart to this woman, and your true self will surface.”
Jenna B., Hollywood Film & Television Writer, Actress, and Comedienne

“She’s improved my business by thirty percent”

“Jacki is an amazing, grounded energy healer. She uses her intuition to cut through the junk and the “story” to help you uncover your blocks. She’s helped me improve my love relationship, healing some old wounds around being able to receive; she’s improved my business by thirty percent helping me increase the amount of abundance I can attract and hold and most importantly, she’s helped me connect more with my own intuition, helping me make better and faster decisions.
Jacki also teaches you how to find your and clear your own energy blocks, making the knowledge accessible and allowing anyone who wants to, to learn it and do it themselves. Jacki doesn’t hold anything back.  At her retreats, you get to interact with her directly in a more personal way, getting a deeper dive into your energy healing.  You also have the opportunity to develop meaningful connections with like minded souls.  I’ve done a lot of trainings with a lot of different teachers and healers…Jacki is the real deal.”
Amber, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

“My Life is  Now Completely Different!”

“As someone who didn’t really know or understand what energy healing was, I came in thinking I was a bit crazy to make an investment in something I couldn’t exactly touch, measure, or understand. But in my gut, I knew I was supposed to work with Jacki! I am so thrilled to have made the investment and my life is now completely different! Be open, excited and willing and the sky is the limit for the transformation you can have!”
Samm Murphy, Success Strategist


A Private Coaching Package with Jacki ranges from $7,500 to $50,000.

For information and current pricing on each of the 3 available package options for new clients, please reach out to our team at support@jackibeem.com

No. Jacki is currently only working with clients who are enrolled in her Platinum Program.

One Exception: Jacki is temporarily offering 60 minute Zoom Sessions to small groups, which may be used by an individual as a single session.

Single sessions (and small packages) are available with all other Hi-Watt Living Intuitive Coaches. If you’d like to book a single session, visit our Contact Page to book a single session on one of our coach’s calendars.

Thanks for Asking 🙂

The Energy Upgrade Audio Toolkit is our home study program that will teach you everything you need to know about how your energy works, how to effectively create your reality, how to accurately identify and clear your own blocks (with great results!), and how to manifest like a champion. This program was previously only available to Jacki’s private clients through the Energy Upgrade Program, but it is now available to the public!