All creation is governed by laws.  Some of these laws are visible and discoverable by scientists (Natural Laws), while others govern the invisible spiritual planes that influence the material world (Universal Laws). When we understand the Laws that govern the true nature of how the Universe naturally operates, we can use them to effectively influence our reality and effortlessly create desired outcomes in our life. 100% of the time. If you’re ready to leave the rules and roadmaps of the material world behind, and operate in harmony with the natural workings of the Universe, you’re in the right place.

We currently have 3 Universal Law School courses available:

Universal Law School I:

Universal Law School I: Our first Universal Law School (I) course takes you through a series of 8 power-packed video lessons & activations to align your energy with 17 important Universal Laws. This informational course is a MUST for anyone in the coaching and healing space who wants to continue their education. It is also extremely helpful for anyone seeking to fulfill their life’s work with more ease and abundance, or create favorable outcomes in life, business, and romance. You can view the Laws we covered below, and add this course to your member area whenever you’re ready to learn them!

  • LESSON 1:
    • Law of Vibration
    • Law of Attraction & Repulsion
    • Law of Assumption
  • LESSON 2:
    • Law of Trust
    • Law of Attachment and Detachment
  • LESSON 3:
    • Law of Economic Force
    • Law of Divine Compensation
  • LESSON 4:
    • Law of Cause & Effect
    • Law of Reversibility
  • LESSON 5:
    • Law of Magnetic Infinities
  • LESSON 6:
    • Law of Elimination
    • Law of Balance
  • LESSON 7:
    • Law of Instantaneous Transmission
    • Law of Sound
  • LESSON 8:
    • Law of Soul Evolution
    • The Law of the Bodhisattva

ULS I Tuition: $700
($555 for a limited time!)

Enrollment Open!
Save when you register for “Mastering Universal Laws” to get all 3 ULS courses (+ a live meditation series)!

Universal Law School II:

Universal Law School II: Our second Universal Law School (II) course will be taking place LIVE, starting January 18, 2024. In this course, we’ll be diving into a deep study of the Law of One (and it’s distortions) so you can experience yourself in complete unity and oneness with the creator and all creations. The 5 laws covered in ULS II will help you to wake up from the illusion of separation from your true Source of energy. See below for details.

All video lessons are now available:

  • LESSON 1: Law of One 
  • LESSON 2: Law of Free Will
  • LESSON 3: Law of Responsibility
  • LESSON 4: Law of Infinite Supply
  • LESSON 5: Law of Constant Change + Law of Ebb
  • LESSON 6: Clearing Blocks to Aligning with these Laws

ULS II Tuition: $600

Enrollment open!
Save when you register for “Mastering Universal Laws” to get all 3 ULS courses (+ a live meditation series)!

Mastering the Law of Divine Compensation:

Mastering the Law of Divine Compensation: In 2024, we’ll be hosting our first “Universal Law School Deep Dive” where we will spend 6 lessons focusing entirely on activating the Law of Divine Compensation in your life. This 3-week deep dive will allow you to learn (or re-visit) this law, and take it to the next level by: (1) discovering what contributions need to come through you (either now, or at some point); (2) identifying where you are withholding your gifts from the Universe (causing the Universe to withhold compensation from you); (3) digging into the programming you have taken on during this lifetime that has made you shut down your gifts, suppress your desires, and doubt your talents; (4) clearing out the energies that are leading you to do work you don’t like or settle for making less money than you need; and (5) activating your openness to compensation from the Universe in all forms (not just money).

Save when you register for “Mastering Universal Laws”

Wednesdays & Thursdays
(April 10th – April 25th)
@ 12pm Pacific

Tuition: $650

Enrollment Open!

Complimentary Video Series:


4-part video series discussing what Universal Laws are (and why they’re so important), and featuring mini lessons on the laws of vibration, trust, abundance, divine compensation, economic force, and the Law of One.

“I’m obsessed with this class. It’s soooo valuable and awakening so many truths inside me!!!”

Jolie Dawn, Author of Empowered, Sexy, and Free

“Thank you! This has been so amazing!”

Jen Colombo, Creator of @oilaffirmationguide

“This is so life changing! I’ve been getting paid like a queen over here”


“I’ve gotten several new clients while going through this class”

Laura Lee



However, we highly recommend completing the 1L course, as these are the basic laws of the Universe that will give you a foundation for understanding reality creation. None of the laws in ULS II require an understanding of principles in ULS I.

Universal Law School I is the best place to start.

Our ULS I and ULS II courses are available right away. Upon purchase, you will receive immediate access to all lessons (and bonus materials) in your Hi-Watt Living member area. Every lesson is available as a video or Soundcloud audio.

“Mastering the Law of Divine Compensation” will be taking place LIVE beginning in April 2024

Each video lesson and live webinar is approximately 30-40 minutes.

(Speed controls are available on each video so you can slow them down or speed them up).

Absolutely! While some of our courses require sharp focus on the material, these courses simply require you to show up and absorb the information and energetic downloads. There is no effort required from you outside of the 30 minute videos. If you are doing another program or course at the same time, this course is an easy, digestible supplement to any other work you are doing.

YES!! This is precisely why I am teaching them 🙂 Feel free to spread the information about Universal Laws to your clients, students, followers, and fans. Make creative reels and posts, apply them to the work you’re already doing, and spread them to your own community. While the information from all other Hi-Watt Living courses is protected under copyright, Universal Laws belong to everyone, and it is my intention that you use these in your own coaching and teaching materials.