New Year’s Clearing!

Every year, we host a New Years Eve group clearing for our alumni energy upgrade program members. This year, we recorded it! If you’d like to clear some blocks and get into a vibration that matches you up to an intention you’ve set for 2021, play this video 🙂

If you want to clear more blocks with us in 2021, join us for Hi-Watt Live!

The Energy Behind Why Your Products & Services Aren’t Selling

Grab our Client Attraction Bundle to quickly clear blocks and access the vibration of successful client enrollment. This package includes an audio “Client Attraction” clearing, a Money Ceiling clearing, a 10 minute “Rapid Client Attraction Meditation” and our Extended 40 minute Client Attraction Meditation. In this meditation, you will find and hold the vibration where your stuff is already selling, people have already hired you, and everything is working.

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