The Activation Series is a sequence of audio modules designed to help you find, activate, and express your dormant frequencies of love, success, abundance, purpose, and more! As you immerse yourself in the vibration of each audio, you can’t help but activate all of your dormant energetic codes that will match you up to the life you want. Activation topics include:

  • #1 Stepping into Possibility. 

    In order to consciously create your reality in any area, you must be operating from the level of awareness where you know and understand that you are creating EVERYTHING. In your week 1 activation, you will move through the different levels of awareness until you reach this understanding. From here, you will begin the conscious creating process.

  • #2 Becoming Money & Matching Yourself with Wealth

    In the second audio, you will activate the energies that allow you to become an energetic match for money. In this activation, you are going back into the purity of cash, and integrating with its vibration (before you made it mean anything) so you can be in a flow state with the Universal energies of cash, money, currency, and abundance.

  • #3 Aligning Your Energy With Your Unique Success Map

    Every human on earth has a unique map contained within their soul that will allow them to become successful in their own way… in a way that requires the least amount of force. In order to discover (or channel) what your unique route to success will be, you must first become a frequency match (in every cell of your body) for the success itself. In this third activation audio, you will be guided into the vibration where your success will be created from.

  • #4 Becoming Loved, Wanted, and Seen

    In our final activation, you will amplify the energies that allow you to live in a model of reality where you are loved, wanted, and seen by the people in your life. Whether your goal is to attract clients, find your soulmate, or have a big impact on the planet in some way, you will get there faster (and much easier) when there is nothing in your way of being fully received by others.

Bonus Meditations!

Your Activation Series enrollment gives you exclusive access to brand new (previously unreleased) recorded meditations. These audios are programmed to assist with the clearing of energy blocks and the upgrading of your energy. Topics include:

  • Programming Your Dreams

  • Enhanced Client Attraction – 3x Longer than the original!

Your audio meditations will be available in the “Activation Series” area of your membership site.

What Happens in an Activation Audio?

A guided “activation” is a process that connects your energy with your highest and best self… the version of you that already knows what success, love, abundance, vitality, and purpose feel like. While in this heightened state, we will draw out the energies that will assist you on your path of reality creation moving forward. As you may already know, we as human beings create our reality by matching our energetic frequency to the frequency of the life we want. In these activation audios, we will call forth the high frequencies that you already possess (somewhere under the junk!) and bring them to the surface so they can be expressed and communicated as the new “signal” you will emit to God/Universe/Source… which then allows God/Universe/Source to shift all wheels in motion to match your outside world to your new vibration.

How is an Activation different from a Clearing?

In an energy CLEARING, we are triggering your LOW frequency energy blocks and patterns, so they can dissolve, release, and move out of your field. When you do this, you are no longer a vibrational match for a life that matches up to the old blocks and patterns.

In an energy ACTIVATION, we are finding your dormant HIGH frequency energies, so you can turn the volume up on them and use them to create a reality that matches up to them.