Clear Blocks & Move Into Your Highest Expression of Love


  • You will clear and dissolve your biggest blocks to harmonious union;
  • You will shift yourself into a vibration where your desired love life is already here, and I’ll show you how to maintain this as your default state 24/7 so the Universe reacts to this reality (instead of the old lack story);
  • You will face (and release) some of your deepest programming around worthiness;
  • You will activate the Universal Laws that place you into a reality that matches your desires
  • … and more

BONUS MATERIALS (valued at over $900!):

  • Complimentary access to our Love Upgrade Clearings (8 audio clearings on love blocks + our love upgrade meditation).
  • “Moving into the Frequency of Love” bonus video (from Possibility Squad)

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Thursdays * 12pm Pacific

January 19th – April 6th, 2023

Each webinar is approximately 45-60 minutes

This live 12-week clearing course (with Bonus materials and complimentary access to the 8 Love Upgrade Clearings) is valued at $2,500. However…

We decided to offer the course at $1,500 to make it more accessible to the people who are serious about upgrading their love life right away.

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This LIVE zoom clearing course begins January 19th, 2023!

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The 12 Blocks We’ll Be Clearing:

Hollywood and fairy tales have sold us narratives about love that don’t necessarily align with our true needs, wants, and aspirations in the real world. In our first module, you will be getting crystal clear on what it is that you truly desire in your love life, how you want your partner to show up, and what you want to be seeing, feeling, and thinking when you’re in a perfectly aligned partnership. Once you get this clarity, you will be guided through a process of generating the reactions and vibrations within you that match you up to this experience in your life. When you commit to permanently sustaining this new vibration (with the daily meditation that accompanies this module), you can’t help but attract the new reality you have assumed with your energy. This first lesson ALONE is worth the entire cost of this program. When you take in this lesson, and  commit to the daily meditation that accompanies it, the keys to your love life will always be in your hands. 

As you move into this new vibration, your doubts and blocks will inevitably surface. Which is why we have 11 more weeks to dissolve them.

We all have different ideas of what the best experience of “love” is. Throughout our lifetime, we develop a model for love that we have learned from the adults around us, our peers, books, movies, music, television, etc. We put together everything we’ve observed, we hold emotions and beliefs around these realities, and this influences the energy we hold about what “love” is. Some people are programmed with realities that lead them into happy romantic relationships, and some aren’t. Most of us land somewhere in between, with some healthy ideas of love, and other less helpful energies unconsciously picked up along the way that block out the kind of love we want.

If some of your love patterns and programs are creating a reality you don’t align with, this is the webinar where you’ll get to clear and re-write them. Once these patterns have been dissolved, you get to begin creating what love (in its highest form) looks and feels like for you.

So many of the high level women I work with experience a tension between (1) knowing that they are an amazing person who is (or will be) a great partner, yet (2) questioning whether they are good enough to be chosen by a mate who wants to commit to them. They want a quality partner, but they doubt that they are worthy of one, and fear that their desires are too much to ask for. “What if the value I see in myself isn’t seen by others? Does that mean I’m wrong about my value, or does it mean people just don’t see it?” I find this tension present when clients are single, dating, and for many, even after they are married. 

What would your love life look like if your high value was completely seen and accepted by you and your partner? What if you don’t have to worry or wonder about whether you are enough, because that value is reflected back to you every single day? Even the most well rounded and accomplished people have experienced real world reflections of unworthiness in their lifetime, and as human beings, we anchor in these experiences and allow them to block us in love. In this clearing, we will dig out (and clear) some of those stories so you don’t have to leak any of your power to wondering if you’re worthy of the love life you desire. Once this energy is cleared, you become a vibrational match for the love you are worthy of. 

Is your energy inviting someone in? Or is it repelling them?

Are you feeling seen? Or are you feeling ignored?

In this clearing, you will detect where you might be holding some energy that is blocking another person from feeling invited into your field, and we’ll release your programming around feeling unseen.

I have worked with a lot of single women to pull in their life partner. In our first conversation, 99% of them say, “I’m ready” for love to come into my life. But when I say something like, “will you be ready if they show up at your front door tomorrow?”… their energy begins to protest. Anxiety flares up. “My body’s not ready, they can’t see me like this!” “I can’t let a person see where I’m living right now”, “I’m not where I want to be professionally!” 

In Week 5, we will be releasing your patterns and blocks around not being ready. While you might be thinking that your weight, your living situation, or your professional status is the true block… you may find that your stalled progress in those areas of your life are simply manifestations of a larger pattern of not being ready. They are the ultimate excuses for not having to face some tougher energies. All of these energies can be cleared.

When you begin to hold the vibration of the version of YOU who is already in an amazing, loving relationship… the physical changes will take place (and stick) when you’re in that vibration. If the version of you who is in love has a thriving career, you’ll start to pull that in too. If the version of you who is in a healthy marriage has an easier time making things happen, you’ll start to experience that as well (just by shifting your energy now). I can’t wait to go deeper into this with you!

In this lesson, you will examine a pattern with the partners you have been attracting. Whether you’re single and keep attracting the same type of person, or you’re in partnership with someone who is showing up with an unpleasant quality that has been familiar to you in this lifetime, this clearing will walk you through a process to find the energy within you that is attracting such a person, and release the beliefs, emotions, and programming that makes you a vibrational match to this reality. Once these energies have been cleared, you can attract a better type of partner (and even see a shift in how you experience an existing partner). 

I am leaving the last two clearings open so I can see the individual blocks that our live attendees are holding, and address those head on.  I also reserve the right to conduct these miscellaneous clearings at an earlier point in the 12 week journey 🙂

If you placed your partner (or future partner) in front of you, what are you afraid they are thinking? What judgments are you afraid of them making? In this clearing, we will amplify the energy of these fears, and clear them away so you can relax and let someone love you.

A lot of our healing work with clients involves diving into (and clearing the energy of) old emotions that weren’t fully processed in the past. But one thing we don’t discuss very often is what happens when we stuff down and suppress higher frequency emotions, like love. Just like all other emotions, when love is present but not being expressed or fully felt, this emotional energy stops flowing and begins to get stuck. What happens next is two-fold:

(1) Often when you stuff down your love, you are doing so out of fear. This causes the pocket of love energy to be wrapped and covered with low vibrational fear energy, and associates any future feelings of love with that same fear. And sadly, since the fear is the predominant vibration being signaled to the Universe, you’re pulling in a reality with this fear; and 

(2) When the pressure of the suppressed love energy exceeds your tolerance level, the mind will create an event “out there” upon which to vent and displace itself. Suppressed love can re-emerge in various forms of worshipping idols, excessive adoration of pets, or misdirected blind devotion and adoration to a person, group, or idea. For many people, this results in a pattern of constantly looking for someone around them to provide an outlet where their love can be unleashed. The problem is that they get themselves into relationships that stem from their own baggage (which they misinterpret as the real thing) and not true love.

In this week’s clearing, you’ll identify where you may be storing suppressed love in your body (and we’ll clear the fear that encapsulates it). Once you clear the programming that tells you it’s not safe to express your love when you feel it, you will be free to express what’s truly in your heart all the time, and you will be a vibrational match to call in or create a partner who is willing and able to receive the massive amounts of true love you have to give.

Who do you need to be in order to be loved? What requirements must you meet before you are worthy of partnership?

Who does another person have to be in order for you to love them?

Conditions are everywhere! When you release your attachment to these conditions, you can get out of your head and simply be a vibrational match for the most aligned partnership for you.

When you’re at an impasse with your partner, and nobody is willing to budge (or take accountability, make a shift, see the problem, or any other scenario that feels impossible to resolve), I have a highly effective secret for moving you through it and getting to a higher level of awareness with your partner. I do it with all of my private clients when they are going through tough relationship conflicts.

The process I’ll teach in this lesson will also be beneficial for single people who feel like their at an impasse with the Universe in trying to pull in partnership 🙂

I am leaving the last two clearings open so I can see the individual blocks that our live attendees are holding, and address those head on.  I also reserve the right to conduct these miscellaneous clearings at an earlier point in the 12 week journey 🙂

If you prefer a lower cost home audio course, you can also clear love blocks in our recorded Love Upgrade Sessions
(Those audios are complimentary for everyone who enrolls in the live Dissolving Love Blocks course)

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