Energy Upgrade Audio Toolkit

Clear Energy Blocks and Create a New Reality Now!
In our signature Audio Program, you will learn the science behind how your energy works, how to detect and clear your blocks, and how to pull in your new reality with amazing results. This is the place to start if you’ve been making efforts in your life, but keep coming up short. It’s time to figure out how your energy works so you can work with it and create your desired outcomes!
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Universal Law School

Learn the Laws of the Universe so you can work with them instead of against them!
This informational video course takes you through a series of 8 power-packed lessons & activations to align your energy with 17 Laws of the Universe and create favorable outcomes in life, business, and romance. This informational course is a MUST for anyone in the coaching and healing space who wants to continue their education. It is also extremely helpful for anyone seeking to fulfill their life’s work with more ease and abundance, or pull in a soul aligned relationship.
In 2024, two new LIVE courses will be added: Universal Law School II and Mastering the Law of Divine Compensation
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Financial Intuition

  • When Financial Intuition is activated, you always know what to do to make money, your ideas come through with total clarity and certainty, and your knowing is louder than any doubts or fears. In this 4-week course, you will activate new neural networks within your mind that allow you to make the most amount of money with the least amount of force. Each weekly video lesson is accompanied by an audio energy clearing that will allow you to clear the blocks that come up as you upgrade your reality each week.
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Dissolving Love Blocks

Clear Energy Blocks and Move into your Highest Expression of Love
In the first lesson of this series, you will assume the reality of the version of you who is in love. What are you hearing? What are you seeing? What are you touching? How does it feel here? Upon meeting this vibration every day (through the 3 included meditations), many of your blocks will come up to be cleared. In the 11 video clearings that follow, you will release these heavy energies that have been blocking the kind of love you want to experience. 
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Intuition Mastery & Coach Training

Every few years, a group of new Intuitive Life Coaches goes through this 5-month training program, where individuals learn (1) how to psychically see and feel energy, (2) how to move and clear this energy from a person’s field, and (3) how to bring in a new vibration for an individual to create their reality with. With dedication and practice, students who have completed this program have become able to read and clear energy at an advanced level after only 5 months.

  • Next Possible Course – 2025

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Hi-Watt Business School

Use your energy to consistently pull in clients and money, run your business in a way that is totally aligned with who you are, and get profitable without having to sacrifice your dignity or be someone you’re not.
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Hi-Watt Live (Video Series)

Clear the 6 Most Common Blocks Holding You Back!
Due to gathering restrictions, we shifted our annual Hi-Watt Live event experience into a 6-part virtual series! In each video, you will dive into one of the six most common blocks holding you back from living the life you desire, and then you’ll dig out the thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and patterns you are holding around these 6 blocks before releasing them for good. Visit the Hi-Watt Live event page to learn more and start clearing today!
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“Aligning with Universal Laws”
Free Video Series

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