This Event Took Place 12/5/19
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Clearing DEBT Energy

Just like anything else, DEBT has a vibration. It has a specific energetic frequency. When the vibration of debt is alive in our personal field of energy, it can throw off our life purpose, freedom, and even our intuition… because we make our decisions from our lower (in-debt) self instead of our highest, most intuitive state of awareness. 

When we hold a vibration of DEBT, we continue to create a reality that matches up to this vibration (no matter how much money is coming in).

For many humans, debt is simply a model of reality we have been conditioned to live inside of… I hear it from clients all the time: “this is how I have to do money,” “this is the only way I can have what I need/want,” “I always feel like I owe somebody something, whether it’s money or not.”

The good news is: Debt is not a bad thing. Debt is actually a sign that you believe in your future self’s earning capacity, and you understand that you are worthy of having everything you need and want now in order to become the person who can eventually pay off everything with ease. There’s just one thing: your future self is only able to do that because their energy is free of debt-programming and money blocks.

Debt itself is not blocking your abundance… what blocks you is all of the energy patterns, beliefs, judgments, fears, and emotions surrounding the debt, including:

  • Guilt and Shame about owing money
  • Faith and Certainty that you’ll always be in debt
  • Fears about the negative consequences that debt might impose
  • Beliefs and attitudes about how money works
  • False identities that you build up around your debt and loans
  • Patterns that you picked up around the “realities” and “necessities” of debt
  • Judgments on money, and the feelings of unworthiness you took on around it

Upon reading the bullet points above, how does your body feel?  THAT is your energy blockage getting stirred up!

Whether you’re currently in a dance with credit card debt, a mortgage that weighs on you, behind on some bills… or if you’re like some of my high earning clients who simply FEEL like they are in debt just thinking about how much they’ll need to earn in order to get through the next 20 years… it’s time to clear the debt energy, and get back into your natural state of abundance!

In this 1-hour group clearing webinar, you will have an opportunity to look at some of the energy you’ve been trying not to see, and you’ll RELEASE the debt programming that no longer serves you. While I cannot guarantee that your debt will be wiped out from attending this clearing, I can guarantee that you will be given the tools to shift your energy into a new state where debt is no longer silently creating your reality.

Who would you be in this world if you had no debt? How would you feel? What would you do? When you hold this vibration NOW, you’ll start to create a completely different reality.

While group clearings are regularly $89 each, I am gifting the recording from this live group clearing for only $33. 

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