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Clear Blocks and

Attract Aligned Buyers


What’s Included:

Rapid Client Attraction Meditation (10 min)

This powerful and potent meditation is the most popular, widely-listened to audio in our entire collection. In this 10-minute journey, you will connect your energy with the souls you are here to serve, communicate the results you can deliver to them, and get clear on where you need to go to find them in the physical world. Getting into this vibration for just 10 minutes on a daily basis has allowed hundreds of our Energy Upgraders to build thriving client and customer bases for their businesses.

Extended Client Attraction Meditation (40 min)

In this enhanced version of our original Client Attraction Meditation, you will spend more time in the vibration of what it feels like to have your most aligned clients right here, right now. From this energy:
* you will be able to channel the practical action steps that will bring these clients into your 3D physical world experience;
* you will gain familiarity with what your clients need and want from you (so you can build and market your offerings accordingly); and
* you will become a magnet for the clients and customers who are a perfect fit for what you offer

Client Attraction Clearing

Originally conducted in the live Intuition Mastery and Coach Training program, this 1 hour group clearing audio allows you to detect and clear some of your biggest blocks to getting visible, attracting and enrolling new clients, and feeling worthy enough to receive money.


Does your income always seem to be capped at a certain amount? Even when you make a little bit more, do unanticipated expenses knock you back into the same financial set point you’ve always been at? In this clearing, you will detect the blocks that stand in the way of busting through your financial ceiling so you can make (and keep!) more money!

BONUS AUDIO CLEARING: 101 Selling Blocks

In this pure clearing of 101 Selling Blocks, you will release some of the beliefs and energies you are holding that block easy sales. At all times, there are people in the world who want what you are offering. If you find that your product or services are not selling, it is helpful to dig into your energy to see why you are matching up to that reality. Whether you hold beliefs about your buyers, yourself, your offering, the world at large, how people think, what feels true, etc. this clearing will pinpoint whatever is blocking out those sales, and will walk you into the vibration where you’re making sales, collecting money, and serving humanity at the level you know you were meant to play at.

Value: $350




“I love this (Client Attraction) meditation. And it works! 
-Lori B., Canada

“The 40 minute Client Attraction is AMAZING/INCREDIBLE/ROCKS!!!  I can’t think of enough descriptors!  WOW!!!  Thank you for that!”
 – Lois S., Utah

“If you want more business, I HIGHLY recommend doing the client attraction meditation! have been doing it every morning (I play it 3 times in a row for a total of a 1/2 hour) since I got home from HI-WATT LIVE. And it has done 3 things. I have had potential clients, I have not heard from, call me and want to sign up- Yay! It also has relieved any anxiety around scarcity. BUT the main one is it puts me in the vibration of being in service and how I want to help people and I noticed I am taking more action to reach out to connect, call and email people.”    – Cynthia G., Idaho

“OMG a potential client we’ve been talking to for months… just… finally called today, they’re ready to start right away and they keep making their consulting package bigger.” 

– L.S., USA