As human beings, we need to eat healthy and move our bodies

But what stops us from having fun with these healthy habits?
Why does eating healthy feel unsustainable?
For many of us, it’s all the beliefs, patterns, and judgments we have around our bodies! It’s our rules and agreements about food. It’s the emotional eating patterns that have been wired in since childhood. It’s the energy we have stored around “control and discipline” and the stories we have about why being healthy is so hard. Clear these energies, have fun being healthy, and let your body shift itself into it’s natural size in the Body Upgrade Sessions!
Clearing #1: Rules & Agreements with Food

By the time we reach adulthood, we have taken in so much information about food that it all eventually conflicts, leaving us afraid to eat anything.  “Meat is good, meat is bad… if I eat too much, I’ll get fat… if I don’t eat enough, my metabolism will slow down… carbs are bad… fats are bad”… juice cleanses, vegan, paleo, keto, etc. etc.  It’s time to erase the rules and agreements we have made with ourselves about what certain foods will do to our body. When we delete these rules and agreements, our bodies are free to eat intuitively based on what our individual systems need.

Clearing #2: Emotional Eating

What are you trying not to feel? If you are craving unhealthy foods (or overeating), this can often be a habit that is engrained because of a desire not to feel something. In this clearing, you will pinpoint the moment(s) in your life when your brain developed a correlation between unpleasant emotions and food, and you will find (and clear) the emotions you may be trying to mask. You will also receive a lesson that will allow you to de-code the energy behind every craving (chocolate, dairy, salt, spicy, bread, coffee, alcohol, etc.), and eliminate the emotion of shame around your body.

Fat Burning Meditation

Our bodies react to what we THINK is happening. When we tell our body that it is going to gain weight, it responds accordingly. On the other hand, when we tell our body that it is burning fat, that is what happens. In our 18 minute Fat Burning Meditation, you will go through a process of directing your body’s organs to function properly so you can experience vitality. During the live Body Upgrade Sessions in November of 2016, every Upgrader who did this meditation every day for one month experienced weight loss, reduced clothing sizes, and a strong desire to eat healthy and exercise.

Clearing #3: Control & Self Discipline

You already know you need to eat healthy and move your body in order to look and feel your best. So if you’re not doing these things, we need to look into the energy causing your resistance. Hint: it’s not a lack of discipline. In this clearing, you will get on the same team as your body, and surrender your control and discipline to a higher power. When you do this, your energy will reach a state where you WANT the right foods, and you have a natural desire to get your blood flowing with movement. After this, nothing has to be forced.

Clearing #4: What are you WEIGHTing for?

As we project our desires out into “someday” in the future, our body unconsciously stores up energy (ie: weight) in anticipation of that magical day when we will need that energy. As we sit around waiting for love, more money, a better house, magical opportunities, etc., our bodies store up weight. And sadly, while we wait for everything to fall into place, we get our temporary joy from food. It’s time to stop waiting and start living NOW! In this clearing, you will clear the WAIT so your body can naturally release WEIGHT.

Bonus Energy Clearing: Body Aches & Pains

This bonus clearing contains the 4-step process to energetically direct physical pain out of your body.

Special Price: $150

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