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If you’re ready to open yourself up to new possibilities in your career, finances, health, relationships, or love life, our talented Intuitive Coaches will help you to pinpoint the source of your energy blocks, and clear them away! Each 1-on-1 session is personally tailored to detecting the old stories, patterns, judgments, beliefs, and emotions that are creating your current reality, and clearing these energies in order to condition your energy field to match the vibration of the life you want to have.

Intuitive Coaching Sessions are a good fit for you if:

  • You are burned out in your job or feeling stuck at the same level of income.
  • You want to be passionate about your work, be amazing at what you do, and wake up every day feeling lit up
  • You’re tired of being held back by your fear of failure, and what your friends & family will think
  • You want to work with appreciative people, make an impact on their lives, and be respected in your field
  • You have learned all of the keys to success, but need the Universe to meet you halfway and open some doors
  • You’re ready to break through your money ceiling once and for all
  • You have fears and doubts about your financial security
  • You are ready to have more influence over your own life, and turn your dreams into your reality
  • You’re exhausted from trying to resist WHAT IS, and feeling like you can’t change it
  • You’re ready for constant, steady abundance, passionate living, and sustained happiness
If you are 100% committed to getting results in your life, schedule a series of sessions with one of our coaches today so you can release the blocks in your way! Claudia and Katrina are powerful intuitive coaches with incredible gifts. Both women have professional backgrounds in business, and have used Hi-Watt Living tools, clearings, and trainings to align themselves with the love and lives they desire, and they deeply enjoy helping others do the same!
Katrina nailed an aspect of my life that led to uncovering many difficult and denied feelings. The release was so profound that my Tail Bone moved back into place! I am also able to swallow without pain. I would certainly recommend this astute highly skilled woman!
Wendy O Knobloch, Healers Who Share

I just finished my first session with Claudia, and she is 100% a natural. She was spot on, it was a tremendous session!

Natalie Klun, Founder of Rebel Influencer

I have done sessions with Claudia and Katrina, and both are very able to identify my energy blocks (and their location in my body) and to assist me in successfully moving and transmuting them. This has translated into noticeable shifts in my life! l am thrilled to have an increased connection to myself, and I have seen goals that weren’t previously able to be met in my business and my personal life now successfully coming to fruition!

Keri Nola, Creator of 'Messages from Shadow'

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