Using Frequency Charged Water to Change Your Life

What does water have to do with healing and reality creation? 


In order to create the life you want, you’ve got to be a vibrational match for it. The reality around you is going to match up to the vibration emitting from your body and mind at all times. Now think about this: 60% of your body is made up of water. Water has the ability to keep a vibration stable. Therefore, 60% of the energy creating your reality is imprinted in the water in your body (which has been influenced by the thoughts, emotions, traumas, stories, reactions, conclusions and life experiences you’ve had). And often when these stories and energetic influences hold a low vibration, they can begin to interfere with the body’s natural ability to heal, repair, and function properly.
This is where energy healing comes in to help. When we clear and release the energies that are blocking and influencing our field, things can start to change quickly as we hold a higher vibration. In addition, when we bring in new (specific and stabilized) vibrations into our body in the form of water, healing can take place on an entirely new level.
With the use of radionics machines, a company called Healers Who Share has developed an extensive collection of water formulas (tens of thousands of them), each one targeting the specific vibration of a disease, illness, virus, pathogen, chemical, emotion, thought, pattern, residue, or any other energetic vibration that has stabilized in the body and is dragging down the overall health, vitality and frequency of the individual.  When you introduce these frequency programmed waters into the body, they can begin to transmute the energies that hold illness and disease in place so you can be the most natural version of YOU. And when you do this, there’s more room for your true intentions and high vibrations to take up the space in your body. Not to mention, you get to feel healthy, vibrant, and happy. You can learn more about the science behind these waters (and how they work) in the first video below.
These waters have helped thousands of people to heal and experience relief from chronic and serious issues and illnesses over the last 25 years. Most of our Hi-Watt Living clients refer to them as “magic waters” since they work hand-in-hand with our energy healing sessions to create incredible and permanent shifts.
We have also collaborated with Healers Who Share to create an exclusive Hi-Watt Live collection! This is a series of 6 formulas designed to correlate with our Hi-Watt Live series of 6 energy clearing videos. These waters and clearing videos will help you clear the blocks and hold the vibrations that allow you to stand in your power, own your value, get clear on your true desires and more. You can check out these waters and enroll in the Hi-Watt Live video course here
In the mean time, check out our informational videos to learn more about these amazing and magical waters, and if you’d like to try some right away, you can purchase one of our bundles.

Informational Videos


While our coaches do not currently conduct readings to match individuals to the different water formulas they may need (you can request an analysis at, we do offer a few bundles of water that we and our clients have used in order to upgrade into a higher vibration and new reality within our physical body and in specific areas of our lives.

Corona Water

Corona Bundles:
  • Corona Bundle 1 Includes: 

  • (3) 16 oz bottles of Corona Water – It is wise to take these waters preemptively, or to have them on hand in the event of contracting the virus.  Many individuals have seen symptoms clear up quickly when using this (see 9:55 into the video for this discussion). This formula is also successful in clearing the lingering effects of the virus in the weeks or months after illness. It is not necessary to test positive for the virus in order to receive great benefits from this formula. Many people have reported a clearing of seasonal allergies, significantly lowered thyroid numbers, and an enhanced sense of comfort when re-entering the post-pandemic world. (See video above to learn more)

  • (3) 16 oz bottles of “Synthetic Spike Protein” – this water assists with transmuting the synthetic spike protein.  A natural spike protein invades a targeted host cell and creates a cascade of events such as a common cold (and then breaks down when its job is done, so the body can clear it). On the other hand, Synthetic spike proteins fuse to the cells and the body has a harder time clearing them. This water formula has been shown to assist the body with clearing and transmuting the synthetic spike proteins (present in C*vid19 and associated therapeutics) that dig into the membrane of the host cell and fuse to it.

  • $300 + Shipping  (6 bottles at $50/each)

  • Corona Bundle 2 Includes: 

    Everything from Bundle 1 plus (2) 16oz bottles of “Dino Prions”, which helps to clear Liver Exhaustion. These waters are recommended for anyone who is experiencing fatigue, lowered immunity, sleep problems, anxiety, low libido, and a loss of interest in life due to low energy.

  • $400 + Shipping  (8 bottles at $50/each)

Healer Bundle

  • (2) 16 oz bottles of Energy Integrity – this formula holds the highest resonance of having strength and sensitivity without the invasion of other people’s energy. If you feel or take on the energy of others too much, this will help to release the energy and agreements inside of you that match you up to this reality.

  • (2) 16 oz bottles of Intuition Increase – this formula transmutes a mold on the thalamus that blocks one’s intuition.

  • (1) 16 oz bottle of Inner Compass – this formula holds the resonance of trusting our guidance to go in the direction we need to go in so we can stay on track with ourself and our intuition. It helps us to stay in integrity and avoid being pulled into others’ drama or agenda.

  • (1) 16 oz bottle of Healer Activation – the energy imprinted into this water uses targeted frequencies that will assist you in attracting and receiving abundance, as well as help you draw in clients that match your resonance and create a thriving practice.

  • $300 + Shipping  (6 bottles at $50/each)

Client & Money Attraction Bundle

  • (1) 16 oz bottle of Access Resonance – Magnetism – When we use this water, we are creating an opportunity to feel, sense, know and experience more magnetism in our lives. This formula evokes our inner nature to be magnetic to the things, people, and experiences we want to have.

  • (1) 16 oz bottle of Access Resonance – Abundance – When we use this water, we are creating an opportunity to feel, sense, know and experience more abundance in our lives. The more intentionally you work with this water, the more you can cultivate this experience in your life, evoking it from within and having it reflected back to you in your world.

  • (1) 16 oz bottle of Majesty – this formula holds the resonance of owning your place in this world, and owning the powerful and potent nature of the work you came here to do. When you hold this vibration, you naturally attract and enroll others into what you are doing.

  • (1) 16 oz bottle of Centered – the energy imprinted into this water allows you to stay centered and focused on any task or intention that is in front of you. It helps to get an individual into deeper meditation and to stay calm in the midst of chaos.

  • $200 + Shipping  (4 bottles at $50/each)

Universal Law School Bundle

(Waters to support your participation in our Universal Law School 4 week course)

  • (1) 16oz Bottle of “New World”: When we use this water, we are creating an opportunity to feel, sense, know and experience the version of ourselves that is thriving in ways that are more aligned with how we are uniquely designed. This formula is the perfect compliment to our Universal Law School course, as will assist with your integration into a world where you are living in oneness with the Laws of the Universe.

  • (1) 16oz Bottle of “Now” – Designed to illuminate why we feel like we are stuck, or waiting on someone or something, or even waiting for a sign. What are the hidden benefits of waiting? This water can be a gentle, fun reminder that we are the creators of our reality and we get to choose comfort and job in this moment.

  • (1) 16 oz bottle of Access Resonance Belonging – When we use this water, we are creating an opportunity to feel, sense, know and experience what it feels like to belong in this Universe, on this planet, in this body, in our family, and with a soul aligned group of friends, clients, and colleagues. In addition, it amplifies the stored emotions and beliefs around where you have concluded that you don’t belong.

  • $150 + $25 Shipping (Three 16oz bottles at $50/each)

Depression Release Bundle

Pairs perfectly with our Depression & Anxiety clearings
  • (1) 16 oz bottle of Return to Joy – Emotion based formula that holds a resonance giving an individual an ability to connect to the joy in their lives. This is a great formula to take when you are feeling low, or when the process of clearing blocks brings up heavy and overwhelming energies. * One of Jacki’s favorite formulas.

  • (1) 16 oz bottle of Shame Antidote – This formula holds the counter-vibration of shame, allowing it to pinpoint and dissolve any places in the body where an individual is holding onto the vibration of unprocessed shame. When this formula is used, some of the situations causing the shame to stay in place may start to come into the individual’s awareness so they can face (and process) through the energy on an emotional level (as well as the physical).

  • (1) 16 oz bottle of Anger Antidote – This formula holds the counter-vibration of anger, allowing it to pinpoint and dissolve any places in the body where an individual is holding onto the vibration of stored anger. When this formula is used, some of original situations that evoked the anger (that is now stored) may start to come into the individual’s awareness so they can face (and process) through the energy on an emotional level (as well as the physical).

  • $150 + Shipping  (3 bottles at $50/each)