Due to the excessive amount of emails we receive, we do not provide coaching, mentorship, or energy readings via email. If you would like mentorship or coaching on a specific question you have, please book a private session to speak with one of our Intuitive Coaches.

1. What Can I Expect From a Private Session?

In your 45 minute private coaching session, your Intuitive Coach will begin the call by asking if there are any areas of your life that you would like to focus on. You can bring up current issues in your life that are problematic (so your coach can determine the root energies that are attracting these unpleasant circumstances), or you can inform your coach of what you would like to create in your life, and your coach can scan your field of energy to see what blocks are in the way of you aligning with that reality.

Your coach will be clearing the energy of beliefs, patterns, and judgments in order to put you into a higher alignment with what you want to create. At times, there will be thick, dense emotional energies that have not been processed, which will require you to get present to them and feel your way through them in order to clear the energy. This can take anywhere from 60 seconds to a few minutes, and requires your active participation. If you feel more comfortable muting the phone while you process (feel) your emotions, please do so. The more you can feel, the more energy you will clear.

2. How Do I Get the Best Possible Results from a Private Session?

  • Be an active participant on the call. Give your coach as much information as you can, and allow yourself to be present with the situations and energies that arise while your coach is clearing. The deeper you can take yourself into the situations that created the block, the more easily it can clear from your field.
  • Listen to the Energy Upgrade Audio Toolkit modules. To get the best results from private coaching sessions, it is important to listen to the Energy Upgrade Audio Toolkit modules ASAP. These will help you to understand how your energy works, and what you should be doing in between sessions to get the best possible results in your life.

3. How often should I book a call with my coach?

It is up to you! A lot of people worry about getting this wrong. And the good news is: you can’t do it wrong. We suggest booking sessions at a frequency that feels right for you. Many of Jacki’s private clients book a session each week, while others book once every two weeks. It depends on your goals, and how often you are working on yourself in between sessions (with audio clearings, energy tools, and belief work).  If you want to clear a lot of energy really quickly (and you don’t get too overwhelmed when emotional energy comes up), you can book 1-2 calls each week. (We even have some clients who book “double” 90 minute sessions). If you are looking to gently release of a lot of patterns and beliefs (and you like time to integrate between sessions), we recommend once every two weeks. And if you prefer to do most of your energy work on your own, but need some support once in a while for your blind spots, you can do once a month.

[If you are reading this and you can’t decide what is best for you: go with once every two weeks 🙂 … or you can ask your intuitive coach to feel into what feels right for you when you have a session with them.]