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Upgrade Sessions


Your energy field is currently carrying tons of subconscious information that is creating your love life and unconsciously informing the Universe about what you want in a partner and a relationship. At all times, your field of energy is using your subconscious thoughts and feelings to direct your body’s systems to hold back or move forward in your love life. 

Here’s what we’ll be Clearing:

Bonus Week: Blissful Love Meditation (Tuesday, May 2nd)

In this hypnotic meditation (that you will listen to daily throughout the Love Upgrade Sessions), you will download the frequency and light codes into your body that will put you into energetic alignment with the perfect partnership for your highest self. 

Week 1: Self Love & Blocks to Receiving (Tuesday, May 9th)

In order to have great love, we must be able to receive it. Sounds simple, right? However, when a child has a parent who is unable to give or receive love, the child forms their own blueprint for how love will be received in their own life. In addition, as human beings, we can only receive love to the extent that we love ourselves. With every passing day of the Love Upgrade Sessions, we will fall deeper in love with ourselves in order to expand the capacity to receive love from others. During week 1, we will clear the blocks and blueprints around how love is received, and we will be visiting an old break-up that caused us to doubt and question how much we love ourselves.

Week 2: Rules and Agreements about Love (Tuesday, May 16th)

Throughout your life, you have picked up thousands (if not millions) of rules, tidbits, judgments, conclusions, and pieces of information about love, relationships, the opposite sex, the same sex, yourself, your value, and what is possible. You picked these up by observing the world around you as a child, and imprinted the information into your subconscious field of energy. In Week 2, we will dig out these old rules and agreements, and set up a new blueprint for your love life. 

Week 3: The Heart Chakra (Tuesday, May 23rd)

When energy flows easily through an unblocked heart chakra, we feel connected to the entire world and are able to love all people, regardless of whether they love us back or have presented us with difficult issues. A healthy and unblocked heart chakra allows love to flow between ourselves and others without any conditions, manipulations, or twists. The energy of compassion is the main one running through the heart, and allows us to recognize ourselves in every other person despite how they are acting or treating us. It allows us to see that we all co-exist in love. In Week 4, we will face the pain in our heart chakra, and clear the dense energy that blocks the compassion and connection we deeply crave and deserve.

Week 4: Manifesting with Feminine Energy (Tuesday, May 30th)

While it is important to use our masculine energy to take action, be bold, and follow our guidance, it is equally important to use our feminine energy to pull in the reality we want on an energetic level first. However, when we shut down and block our feminine energy, our ability to manifest and pull in the energy of what we want becomes disrupted. In week 4, we will dive into the places where you decided it was safer to ditch your feminine energy and stay in your masculine. After we clear this energy, we will re-activate your feminine receptors so you can pull in and receive everything you want in your love life!

Everything we address in these clearings will lighten the energetic load on your body, allow you to hold a higher vibration, and put your energy in alignment with the frequency of the love life you’ve always dreamed of having. You will experience incredible shifts in just one short month, and you will have a unique opportunity to clear whatever blocks come up for you along the way.

These group clearing webinars will take place on Tuesdays at 5pm during the month of May. All clearings will be recorded and available to all participants. 


Price for this much clearing 1-on-1: $1,600


Price of this 4 week Journey:  $497


BEST OPTION: Join the 6 Month Energy Upgrade Program for guaranteed enrollment in the Love Upgrade Sessions… plus a massive savings!

What past participants are saying:

“During the Upgrade Sessions, I manifested a raise AND a bonus when I wasn’t expecting either of those. I got a huge tax return (also not expected), I got flowers and a date night on Valentine’s Day, I received a gift of 4 crystals in the mail unexpectedly, and I felt super motivated to make decisions about my business and its growth. I haven’t been able to stop smiling and bouncing off the walls since we finished this program.” – Jessica Winer, San Diego, CA


“I am so grateful to Jacki for this experience. In a very short amount of time, my life has taken an amazing turn. My hard work at my current job has finally paid off, and I received an exciting promotion during Week 2 of the Abundance Upgrade Sessions. Life is so exciting.” – Dani Fagiano, San Diego, CA


“I can’t thank Jacki enough for her thoughtfulness in crafting this program. She really asked all the right questions and helped me dig deep to discover so many blocks that I didn’t even know were there. My heart is forever changed, truly. I have a sense of freedom that I’ve never experienced before. Since we began these sessions, I have stumbled upon extra money – a surprise check in the mail, a gift card I forgot I had, a credit card cash reward that I didn’t know I had earned. I released my fear of scarcity… and that is huge for me!” – Heidi Edsall, Los Angeles, CA


“I am so glad I did the Abundance Upgrade Sessions. I definitely feel lighter and more confident. These Sessions have unlocked what I want to do as my life’s work, and I broke through my biggest block around being stuck doing what I am now doing. I am so excited that removing my blocks opened me up to this thought process. My confidence level (being comfortable in my own skin) has increased dramatically. Jacki challenged us to get out and feel, see, and smell those things we really wanted, as if they were ours already. Jacki was phenomenal. I love working with her. She is so kind with everyone and is so generous to share her incredible gift. These Sessions were a true blessing.” – Lois Stratton, Vernal, Utah


“I am so glad I did this! Before the Abundance Upgrade Sessions, I had a lot of doubts and fear of rejection. Since the Sessions started, I have been taking much better care of myself. I feel more confident, and I have noticed a lot of little things manifesting, such as a free massage and more work opportunities. What I didn’t expect was how helpful the group connection would be. I have never met these women I went through the Sessions with, but I feel a deep bond and gratitude towards them for helping me on my own journey. “ – Nancy Kenny, Vancouver, Canada

What people are saying about Group Clearings…

“My life has changed so much since the group clearing around money blocks. I’ve made $3,000 this week alone, all of a sudden checks from past gigs and arrangements showed up in the mail that I had totally forgotten about, so my savings just went up a bunch. And I have literally gotten offers for work almost every single day since the clearing, it is unbelievable. I got a meeting with an awesome agent who has already opened me up to more money and opportunities to get paid to perform, my true love. During and after the group clearing, I felt like the money making blocks I had that came from each parent were still alive and well, and I hadn’t realized that until we discussed. I felt prepared and open to making my own rules around money and letting go of the ones they passed down to me.”

- Jenna Brister, Los Angeles, CA

Your group clearing was really beautiful thank you for opening it up to the community. I really felt the energy and your powerful gifts. I am writing because you totally cleared my energy up for abundance and opportunity! I closed a new client, got two requests to talk by potential clients … A client who had money due paid me before I woke up! And I just landed a speaking gig in January that will definitely generate money because I can sell from the stage! I feel like more happened yesterday with money but those are the highlights. I feel really open to receive what I have been asking for, so thank you again for the amazing session!!

- Lynan Saperstein, San Diego, CA

“During my most recent group energy clearing with Jacki, she cleared away some lifelong blocks around being the center of attention or being in the spotlight. Less than 24 hours later at a party with friends, I found myself LITERALLY pushed into the center of a group of people who were hugging and talking. They said ‘Makena’s cold! Put her in the middle!’ I laughed and enjoyed the moment, knowing that this immediate and very literal example was a sign of many new opportunities to come (that weren’t open to me before). The clearing was only two weeks ago, and lots of speaking and summit opportunities have been coming up, a sure sign that my blocks around being the center of attention have been cleared. Thank you Jacki for the powerful work that you do.”

- Makena Sage, San Diego, CA

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