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“Her work will literally change your life… whether it’s career, love, family, things you want to manifest… she can clear whatever is in your way of getting that.”

My life has changed since I started working with Jacki in unexplainable ways. I am absolutely a completely different person. There are parts of me that are still the same, but the way I show up in the world is dramatically different. Since I started working with her, I quit my job, started my own business, I’m dating, my friendships are awesome, I’m making money… it’s amazing. Every area of my life has seen improvement, and I’m taking people with me, which is important. I always feel so lit up and excited (after a session). Her work will literally change your life in whatever way that you want, and however that looks for you. Whether it’s career, love, family, things you want to manifest… she can clear whatever is in your way of getting that. And you may not even know what is in your way, and that is the most important piece. It’s amazing. All of a sudden (during a session), it has been an hour, and you’ve just changed your life.

Danielle Madden, San Diego, CA 


“So much has opened up for me. I… attribute a lot of my recent success to the block release”

At first, I was honestly a bit skeptical of how the energy healing worked and how powerful it would be. NOW, I am a TRUE believer. Before working with Jacki, I was blocked in a way that made it incredibly difficult for me to start taking the first steps in launching my coaching career. I would finally work up the courage to start promoting myself as a Coach and then crippling thoughts like “who do you think you are?,” “Do you really think people value what you have to offer?,” would creep into my head and I would immediately back down – This was happening for MONTHS. Since working with Jacki (just 3 weeks ago) I have secured my business name & the domain for my website, established a beautiful coaching office, launched my Facebook business page AND I’ve even signed my FIRST paid coaching client!!!! SO much has opened up for me. I have shared my experience with so many people and attribute a lot of my recent success to the block release that took place. THANK YOU JACKI!!!!!!!!!!

 Dani Kenney, Owner of Make It Count Coaching, San Diego, CA

“When she started clearing the energy, I could feel it tingling where I usually have pain”

Jacki immediately was able to sense my block to receiving love and locate it on my physical body. Right where she told me it was is where I have a painful fibroid. It gives me cramps and can hurt very significantly. When she started clearing the energy, I could literally feel it tingling where I usually have pain. I knew it was healing. I have felt the tingling since and the pain has been lessened. I have also opened up more to love; in giving more freely and experiencing love in more places in life. Immediately after my private session I felt amazing. Jacki helped me realize SO many things that were buried deep down, that I wasn’t fully acknowledging. My energy felt so much lighter and more clear. My heart was opened significantly. I felt really assured in my personal energy, more confident and loving. Jacki is a magician. :) I had never experienced this type of work before, and I would absolutely consider it life changing.

Rio Rael, Life and Business Coach, San Diego, CA

“I walked out of our session feeling 10 pounds lighter”

Before working with Jacki, I had been experiencing some pretty major energetic blocks for several months. It all started with a panic attack that came out of the blue (with no history of anxiety or panic attacks), followed by months of anxiety and mini-freak outs. Within moments of our private session starting, Jacki got straight to the heart of what was going on, and helped me begin to clear the energy that had been stuck. From there, we worked through many other blockages – ranging from childhood through more recent experiences. I can’t tell you what it is that Jacki does exactly, but I can tell you that it works. You can feel the difference on a physical and energetic level. I walked out of our session feeling 10 pounds lighter, and have not returned to the previous patterns since. I feel lighter, clearer, relieved, and more like myself. I now have more clarity and communication flowing in my relationship, and I’ve been trusting my intuition, which is something I had closed off for a long time. I’m excited to see what comes next!

Makenna Sage, Marketing Director, San Diego, CA


(I have) a new sense of freedom and ease that I didn’t even know was possible”

*Two nights ago I had the most profound energy healing session. Jacki is so incredibly intuitive and skilled at getting the sweet spots. (I HIGHLY recommend working with her if you are interested in removing blocks that you are unaware of. ) She dug up an incident when I was 6 years old when said something in front of the classroom and got really embarrassed. This energy block has been in my way all my life in the form of being scared to speak in front of people. With this energy restored, I feel like I am set to rock it (at my upcoming live event). A new sense of freedom and ease that I didn’t even know was possible… I have so much gratitude for the healers in the world who are set out to raise human awareness. <3333

Jolie P.,  Creator of Prosperity Possy, Austin, TX


“I do weekly sessions with Jacki, and have experienced some tremendous shifts.”

Jacki is extremely gifted and intuitive. She walks you through the process of identifying blocks to help open new doors of opportunity, to ease physical or emotional stuff that you maybe holding onto in your energy field. She walks you through attracting the energy that will make you feel empowered. I do weekly sessions with Jacki and have experienced some tremendous shifts. She is spot on and just talking to her will make you feel her energy and her passion for helping others. One session and you’ll be hooked… I am.
Happy Clearing!
Natalie Klun, Real Estate Entrepreneur, Vernal, Utah


“I… finally received a commission check that I’ve been waiting for!!”

Jacki is a blessing. Her natural gifts shine as a healer. She emits such love and comfort during her sessions. She also made me feel welcome to shed tears and be in a place of healing. In addition, she’s extremely professional and takes her time to find out what’s really going on. I felt such peace, joy, love and openness after my session…and those emotions are continuing to manifest in my life. I had a wonderful experience with her, and I have been far more conscious about the patterns and blocks that she dug out of my energy field.  It makes me feel empowered and strong.  I also finally received a commission check that I’ve been waiting for!!  I’m excited to not only work with Jacki, but see more growth come to fruition! Thank you, Jacki!!!
Katrina Alston, Insurance Consultant, Seattle, WA

“I was in a creative stand-still. Jacki saw right into the core of my issues.”
*I have been working with Jacki for months, and the amount of creative/energy blocks she has lifted is just mind-blowing. Even in the first session, and every session since, I am often brought to tears (the good, liberating kind) with what she sees.  There were physical manifestations of my blocks that I wasn’t aware were hindering me, but I felt the effects of them, and they came out as anxiety, thyroid problems, PCOS, depression and I was in a creative stand-still. Jacki saw right into the core of my issues (false beliefs I’d held from lifelong interactions, loss and even my greatest successes) and guided me through to a new level. She made it possible for me to break free from those and liberate my thinking and exist in my highest creative self. I had been focusing so much on healing my body and staying healthy that when I started working with her, the deep-rooted issues and long-held beliefs about who I was as a person, a woman, an artist, a performer – all of those self-views had to be broken down so that my inner truth could be free to exist in the light. I am forever indebted to her for the truths she’s mined in my soul and self-worth, and I always recommend her first to anyone I meet who has any desire to know and love themselves, create and see dreams manifest in real time.   Open your heart to this woman, and your true self will surface.
Jenna Brister, Comedienne/ActressLos Angeles, California


 “I am seeing many additional opportunities coming up”
I always enjoy my energy healing sessions with Jacki. I can feel my blocks clearing during the session and into the week. I always feel lighter, more assured, and more confident about the direction my life will take as a result of the session. I appreciate how Jacki explains how I can clear things on my own outside of my sessions with her, and how to be aware of the conscious blocks that come up between clearings. Before I started working with Jacki, I was unable to find a job for months. I am now at a job that I love, and I am seeing many additional opportunities coming up. I am so thankful for the work we have done together, and I especially love the group clearing events! They are a great way to get a lot of clearing at an affordable price.

Emmalee Humphreys, Sales Support Specialist and Bikini Competitor, Kent, WA*

 “You have helped me clear my junk and move forward in my life.”

*I just want you to know how much you have helped me clear my junk and move forward in my life.  I really look forward to our sessions together, and am always excited about what you will see in my energy field and then clear for me.  You gifts are amazing, and I feel such trust in you and what you see and know.  Even more than that, it’s how you are able to take this information and expand it into practical applications in my life, and my growth.  I feel I have a true healing companion in you, whom I can rely on for any kind of help.  It’s especially gratifying for me when you see things which are unconscious for me.  You bring this information forward and help me use it to grow and be clear and free of it.  Who you are as a person is so important to me in this process.  I couldn’t go to just anyone, and your compassion, kindness, and humor make this process compelling and life changing for me.  So, thank you!!!
Margaret Magwire, Psychotherapist, Seattle, WA

“This work changes you into the best possible version of yourself.”

I’m a real estate agent, so sometimes we work on clearing financial blocks, and ‘why am I not attracting the business that I want.’ When I leave a session… the very next day (or within the week) some big opportunity comes that I didn’t see… or a client calls who is in the price point I had been trying to go after. It’s pretty cool how things just end up showing up. After an energy healing session, I immediately feel a zen calmness and a clarity. As the days go on… I continue to clear energy, and things start showing up into my life that I had been trying to attract that my blocks had been holding me back from.
Heidi Murray, Real Estate Broker, Kent, WA
 path in life.”*


“I have found my path in life.”
I wanted to share how grateful I am for our coaching sessions. When I get on the coaching call I know I can just relax. I never have to explain myself, you just totally know and understand what is going on and what needs to be shifted so that I can live in a high vibe and manifest the things I want in my life with grace and ease, it is such a gift.Since working with you I have found my path in life, found my true calling, discovered my unique genius and my life looks so different today then when I started having coaching session with you. I feel great about myself who and I am and my contribution to the world.Having someone believe in my genius is not something that I have ever had in my life and it was such a gift that you gave me that you saw that and believed in that and helped me believe in it to, but to go one step further in actually claiming it, owning it and bringing it into the world so I can make a difference and generally just love my life and love waking up in the morning excited about my day.I recommend you to anyone who is ready to rock their world. Thank you for everything.
Lydia Vine, Author and Party PlannerWindsor, Berkshire (U.K)

 “A Session with Jacki is like a Spa-Day for the Soul”
Sometimes being a person is hard. We all need a little (a lot of) help along the way. Jacki is one of my favorite resources. With every session I’m reminded that I’m on a journey, that I have purpose, and that the bumps along the way are serving me. Jacki gives me glimpses of what I want for my future and helps me find the self-love and care that will help get me there. A session with Jacki is like a spa-day for the soul.
Tiffany Barrett, actress, writer, creator of OrdinaryGirlLA.com, Los Angeles, CA

 ”After a healing session with Jacki… it feels like what 10 counseling sessions would be, condensed into one hour”

Jacki can see my energy in a way that… is really magical. It’s this amazing alignment of knowing where I’m at. After a healing session with Jacki… it feels like what ten counseling sessions would be, but it is condensed into one hour. This is for anyone who is willing to go deeper and who is ready to see results. This work is for someone who is really ready to change… just go to Jacki, and that will immediately happen.

Claudia Alvarez, San Diego, CA
“It will change your life to clear these blocks.”

Since I’ve worked with Jacki, my life has done a 180. I have stopped seeing myself as a victim and I have started seeing that I have the ability to heal myself energetically so I can be more open to abundance . I would recommend Jacki’s work to anyone. There are some things you don’t even know about yourself that are hidden, and it will change your life to clear these blocks.

Janice Lee, Los Angeles, CA