Hi-Watt Business School

At Hi-Watt Living, we have cleared blocks with entrepreneurs from all walks of life: brand new business owners to 8-figure celebrity moguls. And while many of these individuals struggled with similar money blocks (which can be cleared in the Abundance Upgrade Sessions), one of the biggest blocks in the way of profitability is often the business owner’s incongruence with the offerings, business structures, communication channels and selling techniques they are using. In Hi-Watt Business School, you will learn how to structure the energy of your business, put together offerings, and communicate the value of what you do in a way that is aligned with your unique energy. The traditional rules and tactics won’t be working in 2020, and if you’re a spiritually minded business owner, your success wants to come through in a different way.

  • April – June 2020 – Mondays at 5pm Pacific

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Private Coaching

Our team of highly trained and talented Intuitive Coaches are available all year round to assist with the clearing of your energy blocks. Whether you want a single session to assist with the clearing of your blind spots, or you want to do regular sessions as you continue pushing edges and growing in your life, our Coaches can accurately detect what is blocking you, and permanently release the energy.

  • Single Session – $300

  • 2 Sessions/month – $500/mo

  • 10 Sessions – $2,222

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Platinum Coaching with Jacki Beem

If you are a high performer who is constantly taking action, pushing your edges, playing a big game in this lifetime, and you need direct high level energy coaching and clearing to help you align with where you want to be, our Platinum Coaching Package will get you there quickly.

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Intuition Mastery & Coach Training

Every few years, a group of new Intuitive Life Coaches goes through this 5-month training program, where individuals learn (1) how to psychically see and feel energy, (2) how to move and clear this energy from a person’s field, and (3) how to bring in a new vibration for an individual to create their reality with. With dedication and practice, students who have completed this program have become able to read and clear energy at an advanced level after only 5 months.

  • Next Course – Tentatively scheduled for 2022

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Energy Upgrade Audio Toolkit

Clear blocks and pull in your new reality with our signature audio program

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