What’s Included?

Each month, you will attend a 2-night group coaching and clearing event on Zoom where we will:
  • Detect and clear some of your most limiting energy blocks
  • Release your old stories, doubts, and patterns
  • Generate a magnetic frequency that allows you to create a new reality in your outside world
  • Join in our manifestation vortex
  • Hop onto a new timeline for your life… one where great things are happening!
Why 2 nights each month? Because it generates momentum! During and after each call, your energy will be aligned with the vibration of where you’re going… and by hopping back into this energetic vortex for a second night in a row, you’ll solidify this as your new normal.

Possibility: a thing that may happen or be the case; (2) the state or fact of being likely; (3) a thing that may be chosen or done out of several possible alternatives

When Do Webinars Take Place?

  • March 8th & 9th

  • April 12th & 13th

  • May 10th & 13th (M/Th)

  • June 7th & 8th

  • July 12th & 13th

  • August 9th & 10th

  • September 13th & 14th

  • October 11th & 12th

  • November 8th & 9th

  • December 6th & 7th

5pm Pacific


Complimentary for Clients enrolled in our Monthly Coaching Package

– OR –

Monthly Membership * $111/mo

or $999 when you pay in full (1 month free)!

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Yes! There is no requirement to attend these calls live. Recordings will be posted by the morning after each live call.

Each face to face zoom call will last approximately 60 minutes.