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Hi, I’m Jacki  :)

If you’re anything like I was a few years ago, you might be thinking that energy healing and spirituality are very “woo-woo” and totally off the map. I grew up in a loving home without any mention of spirituality, and focused my life on education, friends, and sports. I was always very grounded in “reality” and truly believed that the linear world I lived in was all that existed. For the  most part, I was very powerful in my presence and was able to attract wonderful abundance, the most hilarious friends, and rich experiences into my life with great ease. I wasn’t aware of the forces at work in the universe, but my energy was very expanded and allowed all of these wonderful things to manifest into my life.

That is… until I went to law school.

At the time I didn’t have the knowledge or tools to see what was happening, but my entire field of energy slowly began to contract. All of a sudden I was living in a world filled with judgment, fear, anger, and doubt. I was afraid to say or do anything, and lived in fear of the possibility of being criticized, shamed, judged, or humiliated. This began the slow build up of negative energy within my field and the blocking out of the positive life-affirming energies that I used to be so well acquainted with.


After two years of living within this energy field, I saw my luck start to change and my life was slowly deteriorating. I sabotaged a healthy relationship and attracted a more dysfunctional one. I failed a class in my third year of law school after getting good grades my entire life. The thought of speaking in public made me nauseous. I was unfocused during my internships. I was attracting some of the most awful people and personalities into my life. My family had lost millions of dollars due to economic circumstances that hit the family business, and my comfortable abundant lifestyle  was taken away almost overnight. And to top it off, I had gained 50 (yes FIFTY) pounds.


During law school, I  started (secretly) working with an energy healer in Los Angeles who was able to tell me exactly why things were showing up the way they were. She cleared out some of my blocks, and things changed for the better almost immediately. All of a sudden I was outgoing with strangers, performing random acts of kindness all the time, attracting a lot of beauty and abundance into my everyday life, and was totally filled to the brim with love and happiness. I didn’t know how my energy healer was doing it, and at the time I didn’t care. I was just happy it was happening.

After law school was over, I found myself studying everything I could get my hands on about energy healing. I was so blown away by how effective it was, and I wanted to understand how it all worked, how I could hack into my energy field to make everything work in my favor, and how I could see and clear my own blocks. In 2012, I was presented with an incredible opportunity to personally learn energy healing from Christie Marie Sheldon, one of the best in the business. Christie is highly sought after by the world’s most elite entrepreneurs and celebrities, and has helped tens of thousands of people manifest great wealth and abundance. I knew she was the best possible person to learn from, and to this day I still can’t believe how lucky I was to have had the opportunity to learn from her. Throughout this training, I became crystal clear in my ability to see energy, determine exactly where individuals were blocked in certain areas of their life, and clear this energy so the Universe could meet them half way in their efforts to bring in what they want. 

Even though I spent my first few years in the legal field with the PERFECT job as an attorney for one of Seattle’s top internet law firms (where I worked for two of the best partners I could ask for, set my own hours, and chose the type of projects I wanted to work on), it became clear that energy healing was my calling… the work I was always meant to do. I  started working 1-on-1 with clients and created Hi-Watt Living as my side business/passion project. The word spread quickly, clients were referring all of their friends, and I haven’t looked back.

Over the past 6 years, I have had the privilege of clearing out blocks for some of the world’s most successful celebrities, musicians, comedians, entrepreneurs, personal growth leaders, actresses, doctors, and well-known marketing gurus, and I have watched as this work has completely transformed their lives.

Some of my favorite work is done with individuals who are stuck in a J-O-B but are looking to transition into something they are more passionate about. This work is for anyone who has an inner knowing that anything is possible for them, and they just need to clear out the subconscious, invisible blockage that is communicating unnecessary limitations to the Universe.

As healing becomes more mainstream in our world,  people from all different backgrounds are jumping on board, clearing the junk and seeking energetic upgrades. Since my goal is to make these concepts and tools palatable for logical minds (and people who are still “in the closet” with their spirituality), I have developed my Energy Upgrade 6 Month Program as a way for professionals to learn the tools for clearing their own energy at a pace that suits them, while also clearing out their energetic blocks through 1-on-1 sessions with me in a way that is grounded (yet super effective). 

I have set an intention to attract amazing clients who are truly ready to bump their lives up to the next level, and my goal is to increase the vibration of my community, my country, and the world one person at a time. As I am living out my purpose in this lifetime, my hope is that doing so will help all of my clients live out theirs! I look forward to meeting and working with so many of you.

If  you think you might be a good fit for the Energy Upgrade Program, check it out HERE!