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Join us in Seattle, Washington*

January 5th and 6th

Spend two unforgettable days with a group of extraordinary people getting clarity on your life path, pulling in your new reality, and clearing the blocks that stand between you and a life of purpose, fun, and abundance! 

Even though you’ve been working hard to have success, joy, and great love in your life, there may be some invisible barriers to your success stuck in your energy field. These barriers unknowingly showed up at some point in your past when you made conclusions, judgments, and justifications about life, money, relationships, and yourself. Hi-Watt Living energy healing tools and methods have been proven to permanently remove these barriers quickly (even if you can’t see what they are) and significantly upgrade your life!

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How many times have you gone to a live event where you leave on such a high note and then you get dropped back down to your old reality when you go home and surround yourself with people who aren’t on this new level with you? At Hi-Watt Live, the transformation is happening to you on an cellular level, so it will be physically impossible to walk out of the event as the same person you were on Day 1. There will be too much energy permanently cleared to ever be the same. 

Pull In Your New Reality

On both days of Hi-Watt Live, we will be diving into a full body 'Reality Creation Session' where we will upgrade every single cell in our body to a higher frequency, and use this higher frequency to pull in our new reality. Within 3 weeks of the last Hi-Watt Live event (February 2016), many attendees experienced unexpected windfalls of cash and opportunities, incredible 6-figure job offers, upgraded living situations, changes to their romantic relationships, the inspiration and confidence to start a new business, and so much more. Your manifesting powers will get bumped up significantly at Hi-Watt Live because we will spend a lot of time pulling in your new reality and getting you into the energetic frequency where the life you’re designing already exists. 

Clear Energy Blocks!!!

Over the course of two days, you will release an entire layer of the energy blockage that has silently created your present day reality. This includes your old beliefs, programming from parents and authority figures, emotional traumas that got stuck in the body, etc. Each day, you will be guided through a group energy clearing where we will pinpoint some of your most limiting blocks, and we will clear them away for good. In addition, we will be doing some powerful work around an old identity that is no longer serving you and limiting what is possible in your life. Once we clear the energetic weight that this old identity carried, you can up-level yourself into a new identity… one that casts a wider net of possibility out into the Universe.

Make Amazing Connections

At this unique event, you'll be surrounded by people who support the new vision you’ve created for your life. You will be led through exercises designed to get you acquainted with one another’s highest selves, and when more people hold an image of your future self in place for you, the Universe responds by pulling in your new reality much faster. Nobody at Hi-Watt Live supports your story about lack, victimhood, or why things are harder for you. The people at this event know that you ARE love, that you ARE abundance, and that everything is possible for you. And the cool thing is: when you see others in the room, you know this truth about them as well. As you view everyone as having limitless possibilities available to them, you subconsciously do the same for yourself.

Get Inspired, Motivated, and Excited!

As we clear out the junk in your energy field, you will begin to align with your true self. It’s as if the old beliefs, patterns, and programming were throwing off your compass… and clearing your blocks now allows the compass to point toward your True North.

A pleasant side effect of this work is that you are able to become crystal clear about what you really want in your life, what steps to take next, and which doors to walk through. You will leave this event feeling excited about your next steps, inspired to take on the world as your true self, and motivated to show up fully in your career and relationships.


At Hi-Watt Live, you’re not just going to to learn about how to create a better life… you’re going to spend an ample amount of time each day matching your energy to your future self and pulling in a new reality NOW. A 48 hour weekend is a significant amount of time to hold the energy of the life you’re creating, and can easily cause a real-time shift in the Universe, allowing it to re-arrange itself to align with your new vision.

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Who Will Be There?

Hosting this event is Jacki Beem, an intuitive life coach and energy healer known for her ability to clearly see into people’s field of energy, determine their subconscious blocks, and clear them for good. Her one-on-one sessions and Energy Upgrade Program allow people to live at their highest vibration, attract true love, and manifest high paying, fulfilling careers without having to force anything or be someone they’re not. 

Jacki is the founder of Hi-Watt Living, and is sought after by high-profile leaders all over the world to catapult them into their next level of success. In addition to her work with clients in the Energy Upgrade Program, she is:

  • a coach in Christie Marie Sheldon’s Intuitive Life Coach Training Program; 
  • featured as an Energy Healing expert in Vogue Magazine
  • a featured speaker in Sara Davidson’s Boss Society, an online business school for female entrepreneurs featured in Cosmopolitan Magazine;
  • the resident Energy Healing expert on the Wisdom Soup “Speed Up Serendipity” platform
  • an intuitive business coach to 7-figure CEO’s, tech companies, personal growth leaders, Hollywood actresses,  famous musicians, professional athletes & coaches, and film & television producers.

What is the Value of Hi-Watt Live?

At this live event, you will receive two days of coaching, healing, educating, reality creating, block clearing, connection making, manifesting through laughter and friendship, and life-changing discoveries. Everyone in attendance is guaranteed to have a massive shift in their ability to create the life they deserve.

The total value of Hi-Watt Live is $4,800

Price: $497  

What Past Attendees Are Saying: 

“After Hi-Watt Live… All of a Sudden I’m Flooded with Money!”
At Hi-Watt Live, so much money stuff came up for me. On top of this was my desire to continue on with another round of the 6 month Energy Upgrade Program, but I couldn’t imagine how I could come up with the money. I kid you not!!! In just under three days after the event, I had $1,000 I was owed long ago show up for me, I renegotiated my current job so that I’m going to work less hours for nearly double the pay (effective immediately – and my boss handed me $200 cash on the spot as a show of good faith) and a new job that I’m transitioning into just gave me my first payment and I’m actually getting paid more than I anticipated! All of a sudden, I’m flooded with money! I know this could not have come without the difficult work I do in this program and I’m tremendously grateful for the support and high vibrations that I receive from the Upgrade Group!
Heidi E., Los Angeles, CA

“Just one day after the event ended, I fell in love with the perfect apartment… and soon after… was offered an amazing job with a great salary!”
“When I walked into Hi-Watt Live on Saturday morning, I had been overwhelmed with stress because I had just moved across the country, couldn’t find a place to live, and hadn’t yet found a job I wanted. We did two 30 minute manifesting sessions at Hi-Watt Live, and just one day after the event ended, I fell in love with the perfect apartment in Park Slope (that had more amenities than I asked for, and came in under my budget), and I was approved the next day! And soon after that, I was interviewed by a huge company and was offered an amazing job at a great salary!”
Jade K, New York, NY

“Immediately after Hi-Watt Live, I got a new client” 
“I have cleared out all my beliefs around not feeling safe and taken care of, and today I have a totally different feeling about money. I’m not afraid of not having money and I feel safe. BIG SHIFT. Immediately after Hi-Watt Live, I got a new client, and I had a woman with a HUGE online following talk about my work in one of her videos. There are so many more things that have opened up since being in this program, too many to name. Wow just wow!”

Lori B., Toronto, Canada

“I had an incredible weekend at Hi-Watt Live”

Jacki Beem, you are amazing and I am so blessed to have you in my life. It was awesome to meet all of the wonderful people in the Energy Upgrade Program at Hi-Watt Live. I am leaving San Diego energized and ready to hit the ground running with the new adventures and opportunities that lie ahead! I am looking forward to the next one!”

Emily P, Vernal, UT