The Hi-Watt Live 6-Week Group Webinar Series is Coming!

Begins January 21st

We’re Bringing the Power of Hi-Watt Live Right To Your Home!

Since 2014, people have traveled from all over the world to experience the permanent energy clearings and immediate life shifts that take place at our annual Hi-Watt Live event. Over the course of two days, we cover (and clear) 6 of the most common blocks that most people are (unknowingly) holding as they try to get to the next level of success in their life.
This event usually fills up with hundreds of people… however, since live events may not be deemed safe in 2021, we will be bringing Hi-Watt Live right to you! Instead of a 2-day intensive live event, we’ll be stretching the experience into a 6-week virtual series so you can carry the energetic downloads into your everyday life and create a new reality on the spot. Each week, we will gather in a zoom meeting (so Jacki can see your face/energy) and dive into the biggest blocks holding you back! In each 75 minute call, we will dig out the thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and patterns you are holding, and then Jacki will do a group clearing to release these energies. During the group clearing, some participants will be looked at individually for a few moments while Jacki scans their energy to remove some blockage that is unique to them.
And just like at the live event, Jacki may select (and unmute) someone in the group to receive a 1-on-1 clearing during each week’s topic. 

We’ll Be Clearing 6 of the Most Common Blocks: 

(ie: Here’s why you may not be energetically matching up to your ideal reality right now)

Block #1: You Don’t Actually Know What You Want

Block #2: You Don’t Know Your True Value

Block #3: You’re Not Taking Bold Action

Block #4: You’re Not Standing In Your Power

Block #5: You’re Not Following Your Guidance

Block #6: You Don’t Know What’s Possible

Within days of the live event, Hi-Watt Live attendees often report unexpected opportunities and windfalls, improved relationships, and clarity with their business ideas and strategies. While these results are not guaranteed, they are common 🙂 We can’t wait to see what kinds of miracles you open up in your life as a result of shifting your energy and attuning your vibe to your most successful self over the course of 6 weeks.


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Bonus Audio Meditation:

Upon registration for Hi-Watt Live, you will be directed to our membership site, where you will have immediate access to this quick (but VERY powerful) 8 minute meditation that Jacki created for herself and uses on a daily basis during phases of income up-leveling. When used on a daily basis, this meditation assists with upgrading every cell in your body, brain, emotional field, and environment onto your future timeline where this next level of income is already here. As you become a vibrational match to your next level of income NOW (during the meditation), the Universe begins to conspire to match your outside reality to your new vibration quickly.

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