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Find Your Purpose & Follow Your Calling in 6 Months or Less!

Are you ready to do some of the most powerful shifting you’ve ever done in your life?

In this program, you will:

  1. Identify and clear the energetic programs, patterns, and beliefs that have been blocking your success and happiness. These most likely showed up at a young age as you were observing the world around you, and this misinformation can wreak havoc on your adult efforts to bring in the life you want. In this program you will not only have several of these blocks cleared… you will learn how to identify and clear them on your own moving forward.
  2. Learn how your personal field of energy works, and how you can hack into it to create a life that is totally in alignment with who you really are.
  3. Tap into your intuition (and clear anything that is blocking you from accessing it) so you can get more done in half the time, automatically “just know” things, and be guided to where you should go, what you should do, and what you should say to bring you where you want to be in life.
  4. Set up a new energetic blueprint for success, happiness, great love, and wealth. With this new blueprint, you can easily magnetize whatever you want in your life.
  5. Receive personalized 1-on-1 clearing of your biggest blocks to financial success, career happiness, opportunities, happy relationships, and great health. During your 1-on-1 phone sessions and Upgrade Sessions, you will receive insight on the blocks that may have been invisible to you.
  6. Learn how you have attracted and created every single detail of your life right now (encountering difficult personalities, lack of financial security, drama in your love life, insecurities at work, etc), and how to create something different and better.
  7. Learn to use everyday negative emotions and triggers to your advantage, turn them into opportunities for expansive personal growth, and never attract them again!

What’s Included in the Program? 

Monthly Group Clearing

Once a month, participants in the Energy Upgrade Group Program will participate in a group clearing webinar, where their individual energy blocks will be cleared. These will not be open to the public. Upcoming topics include:

JUNE: Stepping Into Your Power

JULY: Sex & Intimacy Blocks

AUGUST: Throat Chakra

SEPTEMBER: Fear of Being Seen

OCTOBER: Moving into Possibility

NOV: Intuition Upgrade Sessions (4 weeks)

Intuition Upgrade Sessions

All members of the Energy Upgrade Group Program will receive complimentary enrollment in the Intuition Upgrade Sessions, a 4 week group clearing journey taking place in November 2018. These live, interactive webinars will allow all participants to clear some of the most common blocks to accessing your intuition. Every year, the momentum and heightened frequency created from the Upgrade Sessions allows participants to manifest results and opportunities like crazy during this month! You don't want to miss this!

Value: $497

Energy Upgrade Toolkit

In this 5-module audio program, you will learn everything you need to know about how energy works, how to identify and clear your own personal blocks, reverse your negative thoughts and subconscious beliefs, pull in a new reality quickly, significantly enhance your intuition, and make some simple shifts that will increase your vibration and ability to magnetize what you want.

Three Tickets to Hi-Watt Live

All Energy Upgrade Program participants will receive FREE admission to Hi-Watt Live (for you AND 3 friends). During these two days, you will meet the amazing people going through this program with you, clear away enough energy blockage to walk away feeling completely connected to your desires, and you will feel totally ON FIRE with passion for your life.

Monthly Q&A Call

Each month, Energy Upgraders may log on to a live web conference and ask questions about using the clearing tools learned in the program, get insight about where to look for blocks, and address anything that comes up for them during the course of this program. These calls usually begin with a guided meditation, and end with a short group clearing.

Group Clearing Archives

As a member in the Energy Upgrade Program, you will have access to all past group clearing recordings, covering every topic in the realms of love, relationships, cord cutting, money, intuition, health and body, and business. This includes our  signature Client Attraction Meditation, Future Self Meditation, Fat Burning Meditation, and Love Upgrade Meditation. These group clearing recordings have cleared hundreds of blocks for past members of this program, and will do the same for you!

6 Private 1-on-1 Intuitive Coaching Calls
6 Private 1-on-1 Intuitive Coaching Calls

The VIP experience includes all of the group program features listed above plus a series of six private 45 minute 1-on-1 Intuitive Coaching Calls. This is where you will experience the most profound shifts, as we are able to pinpoint and clear the unique and specific blocks that are keeping you from having the experiences you want to have and the impact you'd like to make.

During each private session, Jacki will look into your energy field and see where there are pockets of unprocessed emotions or invisible contracts & belief systems that are blocking you.

This 6-Month program is for you if:

  1. You are burned out in your job or feeling stuck at the same level of income.
  2. You want to be passionate about your work, be amazing at what you do, and wake up every day feeling lit up.
  3. You’re tired of being held back by your fear of failure and what your friends & family think.
  4. You want to work with appreciative people, make an impact on their lives, and be respected in your field.
  5. You have learned all of the keys to success, but need the Universe to meet you half way and open some doors.
  6. You’re ready to break through your money ceiling once and for all. 
  7. You have fears and doubts about your financial security.
  8. You are ready to have more influence over your own life, and turn your dreams into your reality.
  9. You’re exhausted from trying to resist WHAT IS in your life, and feeling like you can’t change it.
  10. You’re ready for constant, steady abundance, passionate living, and sustained happiness.  

If you are 100% committed to getting results in your life,
schedule a call with our team now
to learn more about this program and discuss whether it is a fit for you.

“I have had such financial success!”

Before the Energy Upgrade Program, I was fighting to regain ground financially. I kept putting one foot in front of the other, but wasn’t getting ahead. Then, I started working with Jacki, and during the Energy Upgrade Program I launched a 12 month course for teachers and I have had such financial success! I enrolled 500 PEOPLE into my course and made $250,000 in less than a year! Thank you Jacki, your group clearings on money are powerful!

Sally Haughey, Tulsa, OK

“I manifested a six figure salary, my dream apartment, exotic vacations, and now I’m engaged!”

I am so grateful to the Energy Upgrade Program and to Jacki for jump starting my new, beautiful life!  When I reached out to Jacki about joining this program, I was stuck in so many areas of my life, especially with my job and feeling a lack of passion for my work. Since joining this program, I have quit my job, moved from Los Angeles to New York, and I have manifested so many amazing things along the way… including two free exotic vacations, a bonus check from my old workplace, my dream apartment, an incredible six figure job with a big company, and an engagement! And what is even more important is that this program has made me comfortable with myself. I have patched up old relationships with people I care deeply about, and I know every day that my life will continue to get better and better since I know how to clear blocks on my own, even outside of our group clearings and private sessions. I am so grateful to have you in my life, Jacki!

Jade Ku, New York, NY

“Incredible business opportunities came my way”

As a result of clearing all of my blocks to abundance, I sold over $5 million worth of real estate this year (my best year ever!) and some incredible business opportunities came my way during my 6 months in the Energy Upgrade Program. Before this program, I struggled with being seen and making bold requests. I couldn’t even post links to my real estate listings to the local Facebook Real Estate page (even though I have 10 years of experience and love helping new home buyers). We were challenged to make a Bold Request during the first week of the Business Upgrade Sessions, and I decided to finally post a link online. Since then, I have posted more listings online, and I’m no longer afraid of what people will think.

Emily Pedersen, Vernal, UT

“During the Upgrade Program, I had SO many amazing wins”

As I cleared my blocks during the 6 month energy upgrade program, a lot of amazing things showed up in my life. I manifested a free trip to Hawaii, a lucrative part time job doing something I love, major financial help from my family, and I was the receiver of a pay-it-forward moment when a complete stranger offered to buy my dinner. I have had potential clients reaching out to me, and instead of saying NO and pushing them away, I continue to clear my energy and say YES, even before I’m ready. During our private sessions, we remove lots of very old things, and I’m always buzzing afterward. Within hours of the session, I always receive confirmation that YES, these clearings DO work, and I am moving forward.

Melissa Risdon, El Dorado Hills, CA

“Things just kept moving forward”

When I signed up for this program, I didn’t even know how I was going to make the payments. During the Upgrade Sessions, I began a new online workshop and had 5 women join (who loved my course)! I woke up several times to paypal and e-transfers in my account. This was new to me, and felt amazing! I co-led my first live retreat and got 2 new clients. Someone from my past gave me money 4 weeks in a row from a long time debt. I can’t even tell you how HUGE this is AND he acknowledged how I had helped him in the past. I got paid for writing a LinkedIn profile. I did my first radio blog talk show and had two auditions to be a lifestyle model at the age of 56. I sold my first artwork… greeting cards I simply made because I wanted to paint. I had no idea that posting a photo to Facebook would result in someone ordering a package of 30 of them! I have received countless compliments and acknowledgments, and was even offered a job opportunity by an old boyfriend! The best win?? That I’m clearing the energy so all of this could show up! During this program, I finally cleared the energy that was in the way of honoring myself. The tools that I have learned here have helped me to release the energy that had me stay in situations that I knew I didn’t want. Now that my blocks are clearing, I am feeling confident and SO passionate, and I know I am on the right path. I feel like I am finally standing in my power and ready to take it all on. I am on the other side of fear, and I am focusing on where I am going with my great big extraordinary life rather than the illusion and scarcity. To say I am moving away from the fear and scarcity is HUGE! It has gripped me and held me hostage for years! Jacki, I can’t thank you enough for everything I’ve learned from you. I am so very grateful and so happy to be finally moving forward.

Lori Bateman, Toronto, Canada

“This program can benefit anyone at any stage of their life”

I wholeheartedly believe that this program can benefit anyone at any stage of their life. I did the 6 month Group Program with Jacki, and I have seen miraculous changes in my personal and professional life (including upgraded career opportunities, more money manifested at the drop of a hat, improved family relationships, etc). What I most appreciate about Jacki’s program is that she teaches you methods to facilitate clearing outside of your time with her. The group sessions are chock full of tools and exercises that you can then take and implement on your own, so even if you don’t have private sessions you can still be doing massive amounts of clearing and manifesting on your own! I can’t recommend this program enough. It is serious soul-food. Yes, you will experience upgrades in money and relationships and all that awesome stuff but the most remarkable achievement for me is the peace and serenity these tools have brought me. I’m the happiest I’ve ever been and feel so present and full of life. Since joining the Energy Upgrade Program, I have blown my personal relationships wide open. I’m experiencing really meaningful spiritual connections with my siblings and close friends, and I have made new friends who I feel like I’ve known for years. I’m dating with a completely new perspective and am meeting a totally different caliber of men.

Heidi Edsall, Los Angeles, CA

If you’re ready to spend 6 months diving into your biggest blocks, and you are committed to getting results,
schedule your 1-on-1 call with our team today to discuss the possibility of joining the Energy Upgrade Program!