Build a Successful Business and Get Profitable Without Having to Force Anything or Be Someone You’re Not

For many years, our Intuitive Coaches have worked with conscious entrepreneurs to clear their blocks and align their energy with the abundance, impact, and success they want to experience. This is the work we love doing! And through working with so many business owners, we have seen that one of the biggest “blocks” to business growth and profitability is the business owner’s mis-alignment with the structures and sales processes they are using. 

Many industries have an abundance of business coaching programs, digital marketing strategies, and tried-and-true formulas for what it takes to get successful in that industry. And they work for a lot of people! They may have even worked for you. And then one day, when your business needs to get to the next level, the tactics that got you profitable in the beginning don’t work anymore. Your energy is no longer congruent with them.

In many instances, our coaches work with business owners who have never had success using popular “guaranteed” and “works for everyone” strategies, even though they’ve followed the instructions and are doing all the work. The more they try to fit into the same models used by business coaches, mentors, and other successful people in their industry, the more frustrated they get… leading them to into doubt, fear, and a lack of confidence (all energies that block them as they move forward). What’s worse is that they watch so many other people have success using those methods, they start to feel like success isn’t possible for them.

So why do certain business structures and sales tools work for some people, and not others???

It’s all about how aligned YOUR ENERGY is with the processes you’re using and the structures you have created. The same marketing and business tools that make one business magnetic will make another business repellant. And the same things that made you profitable in your first phase of business might chase people away when the audience shifts and grows. So how do you know what will work for you?

This is why we developed Hi-Watt Business School. After years of watching hard working and motivated entrepreneurs take business coaching courses that were successful for other people (but not them), we wanted to address the energetics happening under the surface for the people who had success in those courses, and show you how to get profitable by generating those same energetics through structures and formulas that are unique to you.

We hear the same complaints from entrepreneurs all the time:

  • “I’m a smart person, I just haven’t cracked the code on getting profitable”

  • “I’m great at what I do, but I can’t seem to get the word out”

  • “I’m getting paid in compliments, not clients”

  • “I’d rather be broke than be cheesy or salesy” 

  • “I feel like I have to do things I don’t want to do in order to be successful… and they’re not even working”

  • “There is a disconnect between who I want to work with, and who is actually showing up”

  • “I’ve had success doing business one way, but it’s not working for me anymore”

  • “I’m not inspired by traditional methods of marketing and client enrollment”

  • “People just aren’t responding to my marketing”

  • “I’m sick of spinning my wheels trying to generate consistent leads and income”

  • “I’m feeling blocked from being seen and heard”

  • “I’ve stuck it out through failures and curve balls, and I want to collect on all of my hard work”

  • “I’m feeling debilitated by worrying about what people will think”

All of these are signs that your energy is out of alignment with the business strategies you’re using, the clients you serve, or the way you convey the value of your products and services to others. And when your energy is out of alignment with what you’re doing, you’re not going to experience the success you’re capable of having (or you’ll get burned out and lose your passion).

Rather than try to shift our own energy to make certain business models and methods work, Hi-Watt Living clients (and our team!) have learned how to build up a business that is structured around the way we are uniquely designed. If you are doing something that feels forced or scripted (even if it’s working for everyone else), this creates an energy that repels the people you’re trying to attract. If you’re doing something because you think you HAVE TO (like social media), people can feel that, and they’re not going to feel YOU.

When you’re holding dread, fear, resentment, or shame around anything you’re doing in your business, THAT is an energy that repels your ideal audience. When you’re having fun, and feeling excited about what you’re doing, saying, and creating, THAT is the energy that attracts an aligned, ideal audience that wants to be a part of whatever you are creating. It’s all about the energy you are holding as you do what you do.

You WILL have to push through edges. You WILL have doubts and fears that creep in. And you must learn the difference between being scared vs being incongruent so you can know when you need to clear some energy and push through an edge, and when you need to re-direct your strategy.

Our founder, Jacki Beem, has built and assisted with the creation of multiple 7-figure businesses by mastering how energy works. Hi-Watt Business School is like no other program out there because we recognize that (a) companies and their leaders need to have the right energy flowing through them in order to attract business, and (b) without a proper structure and strategy, there is nothing to contain that energy. This course is designed to educate you on how this works, and give you the tools, assignments, and strategies that will help you to create the structures and skills to make your business successful in a way that is personalized to your unique energy.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How to use your energy to consistently pull in clients and money

  • How to frame your offers (with integrity) to make them irresistible to your audience

  • How to craft the most effective words to communicate what you offer (in a way that is both authentic to you AND meets your buyers where they’re at)

  • How to ground the energy of what you are offering.  This is SO important!
    When your offer isn’t embodied, people can’t feel it. We have an incredible meditation that grounds your offerings into the planet and lets your products and services speak to your ideal clients before you do!

  • How to channel the exact business structures and strategies that will work with the way you are uniquely built

  • How to get profitable without having to sacrifice your dignity online

  • How to drop all of the rules, doubts, and “shoulds” from your business planning, and create your own rules and maps to success

  • How to “just know” what to do, and stop learning through trial and error

  • How to set up your business so you only have to do the things you love

  • How to generate consistent income by doing the work you enjoy

  • How to know when you should push through discomfort, fear, and edges and take action vs. when you should re-direct your strategy

  • Advanced reality creation techniques that are essential for conscious entrepreneurs

  • How to match your own energy to the business you want to have

What You’ll Get:

  • Live Weekly Lesson. Everything you’ll be learning in Hi-Watt Business School is designed to align your energy with the result you want to see in your business. Some lessons will be geared toward getting you into right energy to create your desired outcomes, while others will focus on building the structure of your offerings, shifting the way you talk about what you do, determining the best ways for you to sell and make offers, and building your business to be congruent with you.

  • Weekly Meditation. Each week, you will receive an energetically charged guided audio meditation that will support your energy as you work through that week’s lesson and assignments. These audios will open you up to being visible, help you to ground your offer (so people can feel it!), expand your energy to attract your ideal clients, make a shift in your business, do a timeline hop into your future self, and match your energy to being exactly who you need to be to make money doing what you love.

  • Weekly Q&A Office Hours. As you apply the course lessons to your own business and do the assigned activities throughout the week, you may have questions arise. Jacki will be available for a live Q&A call at the end of each week to help you apply the home play to your business and review any concepts you need more clarity on.

  • Get $#*t done! Hi-Watt Business School is formatted in a way that allows you to create the structure of your business, your offers, your online content, and your best enrollment strategies during the live lessons and through pre-structured assignments that you will complete throughout the week. While being an entrepreneur requires a lot of passion and productivity to get started (yes, you have a lot of work to do!), these pre-designed and planned activities will bust through through the “where do I even start?” blocks, and generate the momentum that gets you into the sweet spot of being productive (the flow state… where “working” on the business feels fun).

  • Create Online Assets! As we move through the lessons each week, you will work on home play assignments that serve three purposes: (1) get YOU into the vibration that attracts the right clients, (2) generate the energy and momentum that you’ll use for reality creation, and (3) as a byproduct, these assignments are designed to produce great content that you can post online to generate an audience for years to come.

  • Success Vortex. Anyone who has had success working with a specific coach, mentor, group program, or online experience will tell you that a huge reason they got a great result is because they were in close proximity to other people who were in the vibration of getting results and an overall consciousness of “this stuff works.”  When you’re in the vibration of people who are making high end sales each week, closing big deals, making bold moves, pushing through edges and comfort zones, and experiencing miracle level results… possibility opens up for you! After a while, these results, successes, and big sales start to feel normal… and then they start happening for you with ease. In Hi-Watt Business School, we’re going to take this “success vortex” (usually happening in the background of programs like this) and consciously weave it into the forefront so everyone can receive the energetic transmission of success.

  • Accountability. Since most lessons are built upon the assignments and activities from the prior week(s), this program has built in accountability! As long as you make the time and commit to doing the work (which will be enjoyable), forward movement is inevitable!

The live course is currently in session (between April 20th and July 6th). However, you may register at any time and catch up on previous lesson recordings while attending the remaining lessons live.

Pay-in-full Discount: $4,000



In order to generate the energetic frequency you will need to create your success using the tools in this unique program, you must (1) be good at what you do, and (2) have some passion or excitement about your work. These are the energies that will provide the fuel for creating your business reality without having to adhere to traditional rules and strategies. Without these two requirements, you may need to learn traditional tactics in order to “sell” because your energy may not be fully aligned with what you’re doing. (If you had passion or excitement in the past but have lost it, we can work with that… burnout is simply a build up of negative thoughts about the business, which we will devote time to clearing).

In addition, (3) you must be willing to put in the work to create content and set your business up (even if the goal is passive income). While Hi-Watt Business School will give you a fantastic transmission of energy that will give you a boost for success, you will be required to put in the work that getting profitable requires. If you don’t want to take the time to put together your message and your content, cultivate the best ways to communicate your message, create new materials that will serve your clients… you’re not going to get results. You DO have to take time during and in between the lessons in this course to implement what you’re learning here. The work you do on your business during this program is what actually generates the energy that will attract people.

Finally (4) you must be able to work independently and make time to create your own content. Don’t worry, we will provide you with the prompts and structured assignments that will get you going on everything, and we will have Q&A support for any questions you have… but you’re the one with the knowledge and expertise in your field, and it is YOUR energy that gets momentum going and attracts aligned clients while you do your work and create your business structures and assets. We’ll show you how to do all of this (and give you all the support you need to determine what will work for you), but we can’t construct your business for you.

If you need 1-on-1 supervision to get things done, you want someone else to do your marketing for you, or you want someone to tell you exactly what to do/post/write/plan, this program is not what you’re looking for. But we have awesome people we can recommend for you if you want these things 🙂

Yes! Many people are enrolling in Hi-Watt Business School to learn and understand how to use their own energy to turn their gifts, desires, and talents into the fuel they need to get profitable. It doesn’t matter what you do for a living (or want to do), the information and activities in this program are designed to get you into the vibration of success with whatever you are working on. This can be a business, or it can be a project, venture, side hustle, or a future business that you hope to start one day. The tools and skills you will learn in this program are also very valuable for anyone who is working in a career or job and wants to experience an upgrade with their impact and abundance.

The desire to have or own a business is not necessary to enroll into this program.

YES! Although the live course has already started, you can register (on this site) any time to access all recorded lessons, meditations, and course materials and complete the program at your own pace.

The live Hi-Watt Business School course will only take place one time (in the Spring/Summer of 2020).

This program will be offered as a self-study audio course after 2020.


Although Hi-Watt Business School officially began April 20th, you can register at any point and catch up on previous lessons on your own time.

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