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Hi, I’m Jacki :)  

I’m here to align your energy with the life you want to have. Using my unique gifts, I can identify (and permanently eliminate) the subconscious junk in your field of energy that is causing destructive patterns and blocking you from living in abundance, manifesting great love, and having health and vitality.

Through my 6 month Energy Upgrade Program, you will join my hundreds of other clients who have manifested the love of their life, unexpected career opportunities, enhanced wealth, more aligned friendships, and life altering improvements in health and vitality. Throughout this program, you will feel more connected with your highest self and effortlessly manifest miracles into your life with ease as you permanently move yourself into a higher frequency of energy. 

Together we can identify and clear the unprocessed emotions from your past that are in the way of love. We can clear the subconscious beliefs in your mental body that prevent you from being rich and happy. I can find the programs that are making it impossible to stick to a healthy lifestyle and keep your weight and health in a good place. 

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For me personally, I was the definition of stuck. (You can read my story here). Once I found energy healing, I had to break through all of the subconscious energies around love and money that had been holding me back. Like many people, these energies came to the surface (in the form of blocks) in my late twenties when I thought I was safe from avoiding life struggles. Since I always believed I could achieve great love and wealth on a conscious level, I never dreamed that my subconscious programming could be out of sync with those beliefs.

As I projected my fears out into my future, this slowly created an unpleasant life that I unconsciously walked into. I became trapped in what felt like an alternate reality for about five years. Once I discovered energy healing, I released the blocks and raised my frequency, then stepped into the fun, vibrant world that I now live in where amazing things are happening every day. The only thing better than living this amazing life is helping others to do the same. There is nothing that makes me happier than getting your “success stories” in my inbox all week long. It feeds me and fuels my desire to help more and more people. 

If you feel as though you took a wrong turn somewhere and started creating your reality from a place of fear, anger, guilt, shame, grief, or sadness… don’t worry! We can work together to re-align you with a reality that is filled with joy, love, laughter, fun, peace, and enlightenment. Once we clear some of the low frequency blocks that are stuck in your field of energy, you can (and will) live a life where you manifest miracles into your everyday life.