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Abundance Block #1 – Doubt

Welcome to Abundance Week!

Is the Universe failing to meet you half way with your goals and intentions? Are you doing everything you can think of, but still finding yourself stuck in some areas, or coming up short in others even though you have been doing everything right? I have worked with over a hundred clients over the past three years to clear the energetic blockage that stands in the way of manifesting their every desire, and I have narrowed down what I believe to be 4 of the most universal blocks to abundance that I see in almost everyone’s energy field.

All week long, I’ll be covering these 4 big blocks to abundance, and I’ll guide you through clearing some of the energy on your own and aligning with the vibration of your ideal life. The week will end with a FREE group clearing webinar on Friday, January 16th at 4:30 PST. CLICK HERE to register for this free webinar.

Abundance Block #1 


One of the core principles of energy work is that everything showing up in your outside world is a reflection of what is in your inside world. Therefore, in addition to the images and visualizations you are projecting out and asking for, you are also in the process of attracting everything you have bought and sold yourself since you were young. This includes all of your beliefs and thoughts, whether you are aware of them or not. Not all beliefs are things we actually think, they are simply vibrations holding court in our energy field since the day we picked them up.
Since Source energy (or God, the Universe, etc) moves through us and follows the demands we give it, it is important that we only live the energies that we wish to have in our lives in the future. Whatever you hold in your field is what you will energize, whether this is good or bad. When you have strong faith in your fears, they are being energized and carried out by Source energy.
This is where DOUBT comes in to sabotage your goals and dreams. Doubt creates a cross purpose in your energy field. While you might be focusing all your energy on pulling in one certain thing, such as “I want to bring in an extra $5,000 per month,” there are other doubts and beliefs (possibly unbeknownst to you) that are being projected into the universe and attracted into your life, such as “I doubt I’ll be able to bring in a new stream of income, I don’t know who will pay me, I can’t make more money than my parents, etc.” These are the cross purposes in your life that are blocking out what you want.
Doubts send mixed messages to the Universe on your behalf, and the result is that you stay stuck. These doubts come into play because you don’t trust yourself, or you don’t trust the universe to deliver what you are asking for. Doubt also shows up when you don’t feel confident in your choices or when you have a lack of awareness (meaning, you just don’t know what you want, or what to do, so you doubt that you are doing the right thing).
Doubt blocks you from moving forward because every time you undertake a project or ask the universe for a certain opportunity, doubt comes in and says, “NO, you can’t have that.”
This Thursday, January 15th, I will be launching the first round of Hi-Watt Living Abundance Upgrade Sessions, which will take place in February. During this 4-week group clearing journey, I will be devoting the first Session to deleting all of your energy blockage around doubt.  We will dive in and clear the doubts you are aware of (which includes everywhere you think “I can’t”), all of the blockage in your crown chakra where you have stored the doubtful belief that the Universe isn’t helping you (or can only do so much in meeting you half-way), and all of the places where you’re blocking out the awareness of actions you need to take in order to bring in abundance. In addition, we will go through your past and clear away some emotional blockage that has caused you to believe that abundance can’t happen for you.
To get this doubt energy in motion (so it can clear), here is an exercise you can do right now. Think of something you really want this year, something you are putting a lot of energy into attracting. Write this thing down.
(Example: “I want 30 people to attend my San Diego Energy Retreat”).
Now take a few breaths and hold an image of this desire in your mind for a few seconds. After a few moments, your field of energy will start showing you what your doubts are. As these doubts come up, start writing them down.
(Example: I don’t have a strong client base in San Diego, People don’t want to spend money in January, People don’t like to invest in themselves, Potential attendees have no idea how impactful a full day of clearing can be, etc).
As each doubt comes up, pay attention to where you feel any heaviness in your body. Start breathing energy into that part of your body while stating the OPPOSITE (positive) belief to yourself for about 30 seconds. (Example: Replace “People don’t like to invest in themselves” with it’s positive counterpart, “People love themselves and want to invest in their abundance potential”). You don’t have to say it, just think it, believe it, and know it. This new belief will begin to forge a neural pathway in your mental body of energy, and the universe will respond to what this belief is attracting. Voila! Feel free to go the extra mile and start programming your energy with the positive counterpart to all of your doubts. You’ll attract what you want in no time at all!
Stay tuned to your inbox on SUNDAY for how to tackle the next big abundance block: FEAR OF CHANGE.
Until then, have a great weekend… sending you all lots of love and light!

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